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Ghostly Chocolate Pretzel Rods

It’s October which means Halloween is sneaking up on us and festive fall treats are popping up everywhere. All through the various sweet and sugary temptations are hard to resist,  You don’t have to break your diet to enjoy the seasonal fare.  In this post, I share a Ghostly Chocolate Pretzel Rods Recipe.  ENJOY these Ghostly Treats … My family and friends love these when I serve them this time of year! 

Ghostly Chocolate Pretzel Rods Recipe

pretzel ghost treats

These Halloween pretzel rods are the cutest thing ever and so easy to make!

I share the simple ingredient list along with what you need to package these up to give as gifts.  The hardest item on the list to find is the black edible marker which is a new addition to my recipe.  You may have to use black food coloring and a toothpick to make the little scary faces.  Allow extra time to put these together because the faces need to dry.

The really fun thing about this recipe is you can use it most anytime of the year. by simply changing color and sprinkles!   This is my favorite treat to make and give to family and friends during the Christmas season.  Last week I saw a gift pack of these premade pretzels at one of my favorite stores.  I can’t help but think how much better homemade Ghostly Chocolate Pretzels taste comparing to premade.

In the Kitchen  Making Ghostly Chocolate Pretzels

It is so much fun inviting friends over to make these.  Don’t leave the kiddos out of the fun – get them involved!  My niece not only loves to eat these but making them (and more great memories) is a must each autumn.   My kids were getting their ‘paws’ messy in the kitchen by the time they could sit up in the baby highchair.  If your little helper is to young to dip the pretzel in chocolate let them go crazy with the sprinkles.   Packaging up the Ghostly Chocolate Pretzel treats is always an easy task once the chocolate and icing has dried completely.

Boo Kitty at Halloween
Happy Halloween - That is my Boo Kitty!

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I would love to hear from you and like wise, what traditions you continue for Halloween?  Be sure to reach out to me on the social media links provided on my website. Inconclusion, I can’t stress enough how much I love hearing from you. Sign in below to tell me what you thought of these Ghostly Chocolate Pretzel Rods.

Happy Ghostly Halloween,

Bren Haas

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