Brunnera Macrophylla ( Jack Frost Siberian Bugloss) Growing in My Spring Garden
Brunnera Macrophylla ( Jack Frost Siberian Bugloss) Growing in My Spring Garden

Mystery plants are often what I grow in my home garden.  I am horrible at tagging plants and remembering what they are.  Luckily, with some help from Facebook, I discovered a new plant. In today’s post I share the Brunnera macrophylla Jack FrostSiberian Bugloss, False Forget Me Not growing in my Spring Garden.

The Brunnera Mac… Jack Frost Siberian Bugloss Video

With a name like Brunnera macrophylla Jack FrostSiberian Bugloss, it’s imaginable the name would be a forgotten.  The only reason I can remember the name is because of the funny audio playback on my pronounce app to share in the video.

This video is part of my YouTube channel show at Creative Living with Bren Haas.

Strategically Plant

bugloss hiding the dead tulip leaves

One of the things I love about this plant is it is spreading wide enough to cover the tulips that are dying back this spring.  This is a great strategy to use in your home garden.  Plant the Brunnera macrophylla close to the bulbs like tulips so they cover the ugly dying foliage.  You don’t want to cut back those spring bulbs so they grow energy in the bulb for next year.

Fun Facts About Brunnera Macrophylla

  • The first fun fact about this plant is … it is fun to say!  It is also known as the Siberian bugloss.
  • The bunnies leave it alone and it has little issues with slugs.
  • Beautiful ground cover in part shade gardens adding that natural look.
  • It is super low maintenance! 

The Missouri Botanical Garden shares some great information about this plant if you want to learn more!

Let’s Connect

I am thrilled to have you visit my site ( seriously).  I hope you will take the time to leave me a comment or message on my contact page.  I’d love to hear what you thought of my video and if you grow the Brunnera macrophylla Jack FrostSiberian Bugloss, False Forget Me Not. ⁣

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

4 Responses

  1. Bren, I like the foliage more than the flowers. I have it growing in a pot but the blooms are pink and different shape. Have been rooting pieces in water and filling in spots in my pots.

    1. really… pink??? So very cool! I would love to see a photo of this. Can you share one with me?
      Thank you for sharing with me Martha.

  2. It’s a big favorite of ours. It comes back reliably every year, and it even spreads by seed a little bit.

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