Mastering the ART of Vegetable Gardening Book Review

This is not your grandmas gardening book trust me… this publication by Matt Mattus will be your favorite.  Filled with creative images and growing information featuring the latest growing techniques and varieties.  This post is my honest review of Mastering the ART of Vegetable Gardening.

Mastering the Art of Vegetable Gardening Book Review Video

I figured the best way to show you how beautiful this book really is would be to flip some pages with you on a video. Featured below is the book and what I love most about it. ENJOY!

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Photos… hello!  The color of the garden is my favorite thing about vegetable gardening.  This book captures it all PERFECTLY!  Be sure to check out my favorites below:

coolcrops including beets


This review was done during the Spring planting season so of course, the cool crop vegetables caught my eye.  The book inspired me to finally start my Rhubarb patch out by the Geodesic biodome and some asparagus.


asparagus roots bundled together and ready to grow
There are three plant roots in this bundle

Here are the asparagus starters I am growing this year.  I need to do a video dedicated to JUST asparagus after learning so much from the author.  I have over 20 plants to grow ( as directed in the publication).


As noted I started my own rhubarb after reading how to plant in Mastering The ART of Vegetable Gardening.  Victoria ( the classic variety with dark pink stalks) is the one I choose to grow.

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