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How to Grow Broom Corn

One of my favorite things to grow that I use to decorate with is broom corn. In this post I share some basic tips and tricks on how to grow broom corn.

How to Grow Broom Corn Video

The presentation today is a feature from GardenChat presentations.  Home Gardener and Foodie expert Janet Cassidy shares how to grow and enjoy this unique crop.  You will find the video below and highlights from this event on the blog post.

This video is part of my Bren Haas Channel.

Highlights From Presentation About Broom Corn

broom corn in my home garden

There is so much information in this short presentation that I am only going to share below a few of the highlights.  These are the key growing tips that I use in my home garden after interviewing Janet.

  • Planting Time:  Be sure to check your hardiness zone so you don’t plant this crop too early in the season.  My planting date for corn is after May 15.
  • Grow seed in no smaller than 3′ x 4′ section in the garden.  Mass planting is recommended unlike traditional corn.
  • The crop is always one to product a nice showy harvest even during bad traditional corn season.
  • This is a sorghum plant that can grow up to 10 feet tall so it would make a great privacy block in most any landscape.
  • There is a wide variety of different types featuring many colors to grow in most home gardens.

About Broom Corn

broom corn in bouquet

The biggest question is can you eat broom corn.  Well you see, this is a type of sorghum plant. It is different from the corn that people and animals eat. This “corn” does not have ears filled with kernels. After doing some research I find that people have used this crop to treat digestion problems and it is even used as as cereal grain.  Wildlife love the harvest so maybe save some for the feeders during the winter season.  Personally, I like the beautiful ‘broom’ harvest to use in floral arrangements.

Buy Some Today! 

My latest seed purchase is from True Leaf where I found the ‘Multicorn Ornamental Broom corn’ Seed.  I hope you have the same experience ordering and growing from this seed company on Amazon.

Let’s Connect

Thanks for checking out my video and seed information about Broom Corn today.  Be sure to leave some feedback below.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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