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A New Orchid Plant For The Home Office

Bringing Home A New Orchid Plant is a great way to start the new year.  In this post I share some tips on how to do this successfully.

Bring Home A New Orchid Plant

New Orchid Plant for Home Office

Over the past few years it has become difficult to find a unique and healthy houseplant to enjoy indoors.   In this post I share a plant that is easy to find at most any location locally.   Be sure to watch the video below to see my tips and tricks on bringing home this new orchid plant.  You can also find growing information from my personal experience.

This video is part of the Houseplant collection on my YouTube channel at Bren Haas.  Please be sure to subscribe to my website to find out more information.

Fun Facts About Orchid Plants Indoors

Healthy Orchid in home office

I want to note that I am no stranger to growing orchids in my home and garden due to past networking experiences. Infact, at the beginning of my blogging career I was a part of the blogger team that got to visit the leading grower of the orchid plants in USA. The orchid is from the rain forest and grows in trees in some parts of the world.  I think it is important to keep that in mind when adding a hybrid orchid plants to your surroundings.  Ohio is clearly not the rainforest but rather hardiness zone 5b.  It is important to try and create similar conditions the plant will be happy to thrive in.

  • Provide the orchids with adequate light, water, and fertilizer, will help plant produce spectacular flowers once a year.
  • Low light, warm temperatures, moist growing mix, and high humidity are conditions the orchid thrive in.
  • Growing media with bark as the primary component generally drain fulfill these requirements.
  • Orchid plants do best in an east or west facing window.

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