Growing, Harvesting and Preparing Beets

beets and golf ballWhen I first thought about growing a home garden I have to admit beets were not at the top of my list.   Little did I know that when you grow your own beets there are many new varieties packed with flavors you won’t find at local markets or in a purchased can.   In today’s post, we will research the different varieties to grow in home gardens, how to grow them when to harvest and some awesome recipes to enjoy featuring beets.

Growing, Harvesting and Preparing Beets

During today’s presentation, I was inspired to get more beet seed growing in my home garden even though it is early July.  The Chioggia beet I’m growing only takes 55 days!  I hope you will check out the presentation below and be sure to join us on Spade to Spoon this summer.

Spade to Spoon Live at https://youtu.be/sHPvJBThiE8

Below is a list of varieties I find interesting and have grown or tasted at local farm events.

  • Touchstone Gold
  • Merlin
  • Detroit Dark Beets
  • Golden Beet

Beet Greens

I thought I was making a mistake when I grew my beets super close together in a large container in my geodesic biodome this past spring but after making the recipe below I was totally wrong!  Instead of throwing the beet leaves in the compost after realizing you should have thinned them so they had space to grow you can use the greens in this amazing recipe and serve them with your favorite meal.  We served this beet green recipe up with fried chicken and it was amazing!

Let’s Connect

Have you ever grow beets? I’d love to hear what you enjoy to create as a meal using the beets so be sure to comment below. I also invite you to connect with me on my contact page featured on this website.

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