Spade to Spoon Series Featuring Grow, Harvest and Recipes

In this documentation, you will be introduced to the Spade to Spoon Series Featuring Grow, Harvest, and Recipes.  Be sure to check out the playlist below for complete content.

Spade to Spoon Series

My friend Janet Cassidy who is a food specialist and me the social media and gardening gal share fun live stream presentations.  During the series that was streamed live, we share some of our favorite things to grow, harvest and prepare.  A few of my favorites in this series are strawberry, eggplant, and herbs.  Be sure to check out the video playlist below and tell me what you think by contacting me on my website.

This video playlist is found on my YouTube channel located @brenhaas

Favorite Presentations

Check out the following post on my website featuring information from each Spade to Spoon episode.  I think my favorites are featuring my cooking.  You will have to check out the post and tell me what you think.


Who doesn’t love beets?  Well if you don’t like the beets you must try the greens.  That is right!  Did you know you can eat the beet greens in salads and more delicious healthy menu ideas?

Growing, Harvesting and Preparing Beets


I have been growing herbs in my home and garden for over 20 years now and excited to share with you a few tips and tricks on this subject.  Be sure to check out the link below featuring year-round herb growing ideas. Because I am excited to learn from you I invite you to click over and comment on the blog post featuring the herbs I grow year-round.  I can’t wait to hear what you have to share on this subject.

Growing, Harvesting and Preparing Herbs Year-Round

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