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It’s the perfect time of year to learn how to grow and prepare edibles in your home garden so why not join the gals at Spade To Spoon to talk food, growing and eating! Each week Certified Master Food Preserver and cooking instructor Janet Cassidy and Social Media Everyday Gardener Bren are cooking and preserving weekly presentations.  Below you will find the schedule of events and past presentations.

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We’ve talked about strawberries, beets, cabbage, eggplant and a herbs in the first two months of presentations.  Click on the player below to watch on

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[tabs][tab title=”June”]June 22 : Strawberries

Debut of Spade To Spoon Series we join Janet in the Kitchen and Bren in the garden as they share growing tips, varieties you’ll love and easy to prepare recipes like strawberry pie.

June 29 : Beets

Tips on how to grow beets, when to harvest and recipes that will want you grow more! Live Stream

[/tab] [tab title=”July”] July 3: Herbs

How to grow, harvest and preserve herbs.

July 10 : Cabbage

Grilling up brats and loading it up with a pepper, onion and kraut recipe.  Join Janet and Bren as they discuss a few different recipes you can use to preserve cabbage and of course how to grow it.

July 20:  Eggplant 

Bren and Janet are at it again sharing some tips on growing eggplant and cooking up eggplant  rolls you won’t want to miss!

July 27 : Cucumbers

Growing Cucumbers in containers, when to harvest and amazing canning recipes shared on the next Spade to Spoon.

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[/tab] [tab title=”August”] August 3, 2016 : Blackberries

How to grow your  own blackberries out in the garden or in a container, harvest tips and a smoothie recipe with a twist!

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We’d love to hear any feedback you may have about Spoon To Spade and request for upcoming shows so be sure to contact us below. Be sure to submit any questions you may have from last shows or from our own kitchen and garden.

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