Gardening For Geeks Book Review

gardening book book on tableIn this post I share one of the newest additions to my book collection: “Gardening for Geeks” by Christy Wilhelmi.  Check out the colorful video and why I think you should own this book.

Gardening for Geeks Book Review

Come flip through the colorful gardening guide everyone from the home gardener to balcony grower should consider to purchase.  I share the beautiful images that are unique and very organic.  The tips and tricks author Christy Wilhelmi shares are totally doable.  I will admit she does get a little detailed with some science facts but you will love it and want to experiment for sure.

The video is a feature on my book review playlist at Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  You can find a list of my book reviews on this site.

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I am including a link here that is my Amazon Affiliate link.  I would greatly appreciate if you consider purchasing this publication with the link.  This sale goes toward more great book reviews on my site.  THANK YOU!!!! 

Why I LOVE Gardening for Geeks

She really is a plant geek… and an organic one at that!  I’ve been friends online with @gardenerd since early GardenChat days maybe dating back to 2010.  It is a delight to follow Christy Wilhelmi online.  Her new publication is a peek into what you will see on social media from this creative grower.   Below are a few of the things I love most about this book.

  • Colorful and Unique Images
  • Pest Control Tips and Plants to Use to Control Organically
  • Easy to read detailed scientific charts

The video feature shares up-close view of my favorite highlights so be sure to check it out.

Oliver and Me with Dandilions
Oliver and Bren are Gardening Geeks!

Let’s Connect

Are you a Garden Geek like the author Christy?  I consider myself a gardening geek and would love to connect with you so be sure to comment on this post.  My readers can find more ways to connect with me on my contact page.

Happy Geek Gardening,

Bren Haas


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