Fruitful List For The Season Ahead

While waiting for the second system of storms to move through our area I took a short walk from the barn out into my husbands orchard. I thought it might be fun to share with my readers the fruit that we are having success growing in our Ohio home garden.

Fruitful List

Below are the top fruits to add to any home garden.

Fruitful List
Pluot Tree

In the last few years my husband has had fun building his own garden around his ‘man-cave’ AKA the barn. Once the barn was built six years ago he has been gathering some of our Midwest favorites and adding to a small orchard in our back ’40’. One of the treasures is the Pluot trees. This is the second year we have had fruit on these three year old trees.

Apples start to show red in late May.

There are a few new and old apple trees back in the orchard. When I took a close up look I noticed the fruit was starting to show its’ color even in the early growth season.

Berries Added To The Home Garden

One of the garden favorites from our first home in town that I was sure to move out to our country garden was the raspberry patch. The raspberry patch had been growing in that location for at least 25 years. We were able to move the trellis that was made to hold the berries and also many of the bushes. This 20 foot section of shrub has been flourishing in its new location next to my veggie garden. These berries were easy to move and we were harvesting berries the first year we moved them. By the second year I was able to use them in jam that I preserved.

A close up of the fruit starting to form on the raspberry shrub.
Blueberries are starting to form on the 1 year old bushes.

After numerous trips to the fields of blueberries in the neighboring state of Michigan for Garden Tours, blueberries were a must addition to our home garden. We are fortunate to have a variety of rich soil on our property. The blueberry shrubs seem to do best in this sandy rich soil in zone 5b.

Our Orchard is nestled back in our property next to the meadow that leads into the woods. Here is a short video of a little walk my Aussie Olivia and I took in between raindrops and gathering fruit images to share with you today. This is an amazing place to walk and gather thoughts.

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6 thoughts on “Fruitful List For The Season Ahead”

  1. you are so far ahead of me here!!! I’m just so jealous…and sick with worry that I might have lost everything due to the late snowfall we had here last weekend

    • Snow last weekend??? I can’t imaging how that must be with all the amazing blooms you have grown in that greenhouse of yours. Hang in there – summer soon!

  2. Hi Bren~~ We’re getting so much rain here. People don’t like it but the plants are thriving. I can’t remember a time when I had so many raspberries–not ripe yet but soon.

    Your plants are looking mighty healthy. Aw, the anticipation… what lies ahead. Yum!!

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