Evening Snow Walk in My April Garden

In this post I share a few photos and a video featuring the snow we have in mid-April.  It is fun to see how the plants respond. In this post you will enjoy an evening snow walk in my spring garden.

Evening Snow Walk in My April Garden Video

This video doesn’t have any words just some sounds from the snow, birds and YouTube music.  Tell me what you think about this video style. I really like it because it is easy to share what is going on in my world.

If you are having issues viewing the video be sure to check out my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  

Images From The Walk

Just a few images of the walkout to the front landscape.  I stayed on the driveway most of the time because I was too lazy to dig out my ‘snow’ boots this time of year.  The colors of the newly sprouting trees and shrubs were just wonderful. Don’t feel bad for the daffodils in the border of the landscape below. Those flowers were done a few days ago after a long early bloom season.  The photo below shows the new green grass peeking out of the meadow in the front.

daffodils were done

One of my favorite trees to take photos of especially in the spring is really loving the fresh kiss of snow. The photo below is my Candymint Crabapple tree along the driveway.   It is starting to be normal to get snow in April.  Thank goodness my delicates are in the dome garden.

snow in mid spring landscape

The Tulip along the front of the porch landscape has got to be my favorite this year.  I did bring a few in the house to enjoy on the kitchen windowsill.  Me of little faith – they did much better than I thought they would have with the snow. Tulips in the Snow Landscape


Sharing the windowsill with cactus, lettuce starters and more spring blooms.

Let’s Connect

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Happy Spring Gardening Friends,

Bren Haas

8 thoughts on “Evening Snow Walk in My April Garden”

  1. Love it…you have a great looking garden…working my vege beds weeding and mulching at Genesis Village today!!

  2. Bren, You really captured the shapes and colors on your snow walk. Way to go! I am so glad you shared.

    • Thank you for commenting Elena. It really is kind of magical when you are embracing Spring and then winter comes back. I hope I captured it well in the video. Enjoy your Spring!

  3. Beautiful!! I love the pictures…gives me more ideas. Thank You!!

    • I am thrilled that I’ve given you some ideas on planting and possibly sharing your garden with others. Please stay in touch Abbie. I am thrilled to answer any questions and share help as time allows.

    • Actually … most everything I shared in this post is NO FAIL in Ohio zone 5b. If I can help you in any way don’t be afraid to ask me and I will do my best to answer as I can.


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