Eight Steps To Easy Gardening

It’s that busy time of the year that every grower has been waiting for.  If you live in a hardiness zone like mine that has crazy weather changes during the change over from winter, spring to summer you’ll find yourself hustling trying to get everything done so the garden can be enjoyed at it’s best.  Today I’m sharing eight great steps that will make gardening easier and approachable this season from the awesome folks at Star® Roses and Plants.

  • Choose the right plants – select plants that will do well in your zone and/or are low maintenance – (e.g. Drift/Knock Out).
  • Let the labels lead you – they are there for reason and can guide you where to plant based on light and soil conditions.
  • Add 1-to 2-inches -of mulch to prevent weeds from growing.
  • If you plant into containers, remember to keep them watered well as you don’t want them to dry out.
  • Edge your beds – stop grass from invading your plantings by edging or installing some type of barrier between your garden beds and the lawn.
  • Keep a garden journal – jot down notes and observations as you garden grows so that you can refer back to it’s progress and be ready for any potential problems.
  • Use the right tools – pick the tools that are the right size for you and the right size for your garden.
  • Keep it simple – when planning your garden, don’t overwhelm yourself. Think realistically about how much time and energy you have and what you will need to do to maintain your plants.

[alert-note]About Star Roses[/alert-note]

Star® Roses and Plants, a pioneer in the field of plant development and introduction for more than 100 years, is sharing survey results that reveal almost seven in ten (68%) adults in the United States have a garden, but 87 percent of those gardeners find something intimidating about planting or gardening. However, despite the intimidation factor, nearly six out of ten (57%) gardeners share they are also inspired to plant or garden because they enjoy it.

[alert-announce]I hope you are off to a great start this year in the garden. I’d love to connect with you so please share a comment below. Maybe we can connect on Twitter or Facebook too!

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