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Decorating the Christmas Tree with Nature

In this post, I share a few Decorating the Christmas Tree with Nature ideas.   I hope the images inspire you to get creative with nature this season.

Decorating the Christmas Tree with Nature

Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for the tree in the photo below. It was a tree as you enter the Ann Arbor at Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Greenhouse.  I hope to post more images from this trip during the Holiday season so be sure to follow my website.   Scroll down to see the seed pods, gourds, and even a few terra cotta DIY ornaments on this tree.


The best way to be inspired by nature is to get out and enjoy it.  A friend online recently asked me how I preserve berries for the holiday.  The truth is – by the time November rolls around it is hard to find berries outdoors most years.  Leaving the berries and rose hips for the birds to enjoy is important to me.  Year after year I collect things from nature that we have an abundance of like pine cones, wood pieces, grapevine, and dried hydrangea blooms.  What do you have in your garden that can be used indoors? 

Nature on the Christmas Tree

This tree was unique because they used actual live English ivy to decorate the tree.

Upclose Ornaments

I have no idea what this dried starflower is but it looks really cool.  I am thinking it may be a seed pod?  If you know what it is please comment on my post or reach out to me on social media @brenhaas to let me know.

Click on each image to view upclose!

star pod on tree

Decorating with a natural gourd grown in the garden can be fun too.

terra cotta bell

Seriously consider using a few of the smaller terra cotta pots from the greenhouse succulent collection to make these bells for my tree in the sunroom of my home.

diy with terra cotta pot and pine

images are from the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Conservatory in Ann Arbor Michigan.  You can find more information about this location on the web at https://mbgna.umich.edu/

Map it by searching Matthaei Botanical Gardens | 1800 N. Dixboro Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105 

My Favorite Christmas Tree Shares

On my site, you can find more of my favorite Christmas tree designs.  Here are a few of the post:

Let’s Connect

I am so excited to share what is going on in my home and garden with you.  Be sure to comment on my post or connect with me on social media @brenhaas to share with me what you are working on this time of year.

Happy Decorating,

Bren Haas


Decorating with a natural gourd grown in the garden can be fun too.


A few of the


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