firepit at night It is hard to believe it has been 16 years now since we enjoyed our first fire next to the pond with our family.  Today I am sharing tips on Creating this type of space with hopes that you can help me look for firepit furniture ideas.

Help!  Looking For Firepit Furniture Ideas

Pay no attention to the drab colors in this video… spring is just starting to arrive in my Northwest Ohio garden.  I am hoping to find the PERFECT furniture to add to this area so I can kick back and enjoy all the work we’ve done over here the last 15 years.

Play Video about thumbnail for video Fire Pit

**I’ll be adding more about this space later in the season as we work in this area so stay tuned by subscribing to my newsletter.

Brens’ Tips For Creating An Ideal Firepit Area

One of the awesome things about living in the country is we can safely have a nice campfire anytime we want.   Below are a few things to keep in mind when creating the perfect outdoor firepit area.

  • Be sure the area stays dry.  do a survey of the area you want to build the firepit making sure it isn’t a low spot in your yard where flooding or water collects.
  • Consider building your own fire pit with fire safe pavers and stones.
  • Observe the space during all four seasons and imaging your firepit space. Is this a space you can access year-round? 

Fire Pit in Winter

This is a photo during the wintertime after a storm.  I love the backdrop of snow and trees.  We use to sit out here and build a campfire while the kids ice skating.

  • Wind can help you build a great pit fire and it can also destroy it.  Observe the direction of the wind in this area.  In our yard we’ve got trees all around us so very rarely do we get a heavy wind gust around the fire pit.

fire in autumn

  • If creating a fire pit in an existing area be sure to pay attention to structures and other objects (like trees) that can’t be moved!

Images From The Patio Area

pond patio area on beach

It is really fun looking back at how this area has transformed since 2003 when we first moved here.  The kids grew up enjoying this area of the yard. We’ve had so many get-togethers in this spot of our property.  I still dream of a wedding taking place overlooking the pond and on this patio.  (sigh… ) Maybe Andy and I will have to renew our vows someday.

Herbs And Fire Pit

One of the awesome things I like about having extra lemongrass is using it to make firestarters.  This bundle of lemongrass herb from my garden is tied and left to dry.  Once it is dry I can use it to start the fire. It smells amazing!

Firepit Cooking

Nothing beats a hot dog cooked on the fire!

This post gives me an idea… maybe a firepit cookbook by Bren is in the making this summer – what do you think about that? 

Patio Art

Let’s Connect

I need to get out and start my campfire for the night. Looking forward to hearing what you think I should add to this area.   Thank you for connecting with me today.

Happy Campfire Time – get out and enjoy your living space!

Bren Haas

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