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Smart Gardening with Cloth Containers

harvest daily with container

I don’t think I would have ever imagined using fabric to successfully grow a garden in but I did.   In today’s post I share a quick video about these cloth containers along with some other creative gardening tips.

Gardening with Cloth Containers Video

In this video, I respond to a fellow gardener who was questioning what container to use for her spring bulbs.  Of course, I would grow the bulbs in the landscape but if you couldn’t do that for various reasons I recommend gardening cloth containers such as Smart Pot.   I hope you will check out my video below featuring a few of the cloth containers I have featured in my garden today.


Having trouble viewing this video?  Check out my Bren Haas Channel on YouTube.

Images of My Smart Pot Cloth Containers

I’ve been growing in the Smart Pot and a few other brands for a few years.  Smart Pot just happens to be my favorite because they are really well made.  In fact, I use mine year-round hardcore here in Ohio.  Below is an image of the one I use on the patio deck.  It is outside year-round and is holding up amazingly well.  I think the Smart Pot Fabric Container is holding up better than my wood raised beds.

To show the gardener on Twitter what the bag was like I featured the container I have my rosemary in.  The container needs to be hosed up but you get the idea.  The cloth containers are super light and easy to carry.  I like how they are flexible.

What is SO GREAT About the Smart Pot Cloth Containers?

here are a few reasons I love the Aeration Containers AKA as Smart Pots:

  • Stops root circling
  • Excellent drainage
  • Aerates the root zone
  • Air prunes the plants root structure
  • Releases heat
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to store when not being used
Rosemary in Smart Pot

The image below is the Smart Pot that is about 5 Gallon size.  I was only using it to carry the gladiolus to the dome for the winter but I forgot about it under the bench.  Now I have gladiolus growing early.  They appear to be doing quite well with little soil.

Smart Pot for Storage

There are other cloth containers out there that I’ve tried.  The tan ones are heavy-duty too but I don’t like how they show too much dirt or mold on the outside of the tan cloth container.  The photo below is the Basil (Pesto Party) growing in the brand new tan cloth container.


Growing with Cloth Container

Grow Your Own Herbs using the SMART POT brand.  Here is my post featuring my favorite summer gardening herbs. 

I want to disclose that I am not a vender or a paid spokesperson for Smart Pot.  I have met the gentleman who promotes the product at a few garden events and he was kind enough to send me a few to try out in my home garden.  If you are interested in purchasing your own I hope you will use my Amazon Affiliate link here. 

Let’s Connect

In conclusion to writing this post and sharing images with you, I really hope you will tell me what you think.  Comment on the post below or reach out to me on my contact page featured on this site.  I can’t wait to get the new cloth containers to tell you (and show on video) how they work compared to the well-known Smart Pot.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas


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