Growing Chinese Mormon Apricot Tree In Our Home Garden

Fruit trees can be a little difficult to grow in my home garden ( Ohio hardiness zone 5b-6) unless you pick the right variety.  In this post I share the new Chinese Mormon Apricot Tree we are adding to our home garden.

Chinese Mormon Apricot Tree Video

In this video, I share the trees my husband found locally.  It is pretty exciting to see how tall they are and how I found details about these on the web.  In the past, we grew a Wilson Apricot and it didn’t do so well.  I think we harvest off of that tree once before it died.  (sad face).  Check out the video to see how exciting this variety is!

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This video can be found on my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.

After The First Year Growing the Chinese Mormon Apricot Tree Review

Below is the review from 1st year growing the tree.  I didn’t get any flowering on the tree or fruit.  Watch details below….

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What did you think of the video?  You can find my videos on my Bren Haas YouTube channel so be sure to subscribe.

Fun Facts About The Fruit Tree

The Chinese Mormon Apricots’ cold hardy, frost hardy, sets heavy crops of small to medium size sweet fruit. The tree does well in difficult climates prone to spring frosts.  Below are a few exciting details about the tree.

  • 12-15 feet tall
  • zone 5-7
  • tolerates various soils
  • Can handle spring frosts

Root Stock 

The different rootstocks in this variety include:

  • Citation (semi-dwarf, 3/4 of standard size)
  • Marianna 26-24 (semi-standard, slightly dwarfing)
  • Myro 29C (standard)
  • Nemaguard (standard)
  • St. Julian (semi-dwf, 3/4 of standard size)

About Root Stock

The California Rootstock Breeding program, which includes researchers from UC Davis and the USDA, is focused on developing semi-dwarfing to dwarfing rootstocks for Prunus species. Dwarfing rootstocks could help growers reduce expensive and labor-intensive practices (pruning, thinning and harvesting, DeJong et al. 2005).


Growth on the Tree

Where to Find a Chinese Mormon Apricot

I recommend asking your local garden center if they have any in stock.  We found the 2 Chinese Mormon Apricot trees locally at Home & Farm store.  During my search for facts about the tree, I find this variety Monrovia and Dave Wilson Website for sale.  These are both sites I trust and have purchased from.

Let’s Connect

I am really excited to share with you all our adventures with growing the Chinese Mormon Apricot Tree so be sure to stay tuned and comment on this post. I would love to hear from you so feel free to send me a message on my contact page or reach out on social media.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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