Easy Tips on How to Clean Up Succulents

In this post, I share a fun afternoon cleaning up my succulents and making room for more babies!   The video featured in this post will show you how to propagate the ‘lanky’ succulents.  See how I provide a space for the new succulents that grow from leaves that have fallen.

Cleaning Up Succulents Video

In this video, you will see how I’ve been doing for the past few years to keep my succulents producing.  I have so many succulents today I consider starting my own Botanical Garden ( wouldn’t that be cool???) Watch the video and scroll down to see a few highlights

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Highlights From The Clean-Up Succulents Video

Here are a few tips I don’t want you to miss from the video in this post.  One of the ‘lanky’ succulents is the Blue Pearl Succulent I got this summer.  When this plant is left in the greenhouse all summer in filtered sun it gets really lanky if it isn’t watered.


blue pearl succulent in container

When leaves fall off of the succulents, I like to add them to a succulent table in the dome out of direct sun.  If left alone for the summer they start to grow new plants out of the leaves.  It is really cool… see the photo below!

new succulent babies

Look close at this image below… it may seem like a pile of scraps but it is the start of another beautiful succulent garden!

Don’t Miss These Succulents

If you enjoy this post you will love to see more about succulents on the post featured below on my website.  ENJOY!

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I would love to hear from you and what you thought of the video featured in this post.  Do you have ‘lanky’ succulents that need some work?   Be sure to remember that you can always bookmark this page on Pinterest.  I love hearing from you so comment on this post and find me on the social media links provided below.

Happy Succulent Clean Up,

Bren Haas

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