The Best Way To Preserve Sweet Corn

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The Best Way To Preserve Sweet Corn

To be able to enjoy Sweet corn year-round is a dream come true. A few simple steps is all it takes preserve sweet corn to enjoy all year-round.  The Best Way To Preserve Sweet Corn post today features local garden center and basic freezing sweet corn instructions.

Preserving Sweet Corn | Creative Adventure with Bren Haas

In the presentation below viewers will visit an Ohio farmers stand located at a local farm.  Creative Living with Bren Haas host will share how to pick out the best sweet corn and then preserve it.

Preserve Sweet Corn Creative Adventure with Bren Haas can be found on YouTube at this LINK.

In Bren’s Kitchen

Preserving sweet corn is one of my favorite things to do not only because it is easy but because it is rewarding.  Below is a slide show featuring some of my favorite images from this preservation project.  There are also a few product recommendations below so don’t miss it!

The Farmers Market

Growing Sweet Corn is alot of fun and quit enjoyable.  There are many varieties of sweet corn that are easy to grow.  This year I focused on flowers in my large garden so no room for sweet corn. This discussion was easy to make knowing I could purchase sweet corn at local farmers markets. Be sure to bookmark Sadowski Farmers Stand and Greenhouse in your address book so you can stop by if ever in the Northwest Ohio area. Just a quick and scenic drive down old Airport Highway past Toledo express you will find this garden center and farm.

Sadowski Produce and Garden Center

Products I Recommend For This Project

  • Interested in the tote I’m using in this video and images to process corn?  The 3.75 gallon tub I’m using is AWESOME! I use it in the house and out in the garden.

    The husks and silks are perfect for the compost.

  • Seal-a-Meal has a new compact design then the one I have featured in the video. I read the reviews and watched the product video and it looks like it is the updated version of mine I bought 10 years ago.

Seal a Meal to the rescue

  •  My friend gave me my 16 qt. stock pot but I found one by the same maker on Amazon if you need to get one of your own. I”m hoping to steam up some corn and lobster in mine next!
Corn on the stove ready to be processed

Corn out of the blanching process

Let’s Connect

I’m excited to connect with you so be sure to comment on this blog post.  Would you like to learn more about preserving food? Contact me on social media @BrenHaas .

Get out to your local farmers market and get some sweet corn!


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