Why I Enjoy Being A Google Map Reviewer

Where would we be with out our map applications on our mobile phones  today?  One of my favorites to use is the Google Map App.  In this post I share Why I Enjoy Being A Google Map Reviewer .  This will help you to become a google map reviewer helping others discover the world we live in.

What is a Google Map Reviewer

A Google map reviewer is basically someone who uses Google map to get to their distention and then shares an honest review about the location.  Reviews consists of star rating, sharing unique images, written review, check facts about the location and or answering a questions.  You do not have to do all these things noted but they will help you rank higher in their point system.

Why I Enjoy Being A Google Map Reviewer

First off I’ve always been a mobile photo addict!  This means I take photos of everything – everywhere I go.  I am also a reviewer of other products such as food, garden products and just about anything that makes life better.   Below I’ve listed a few reasons why I LOVE being a Google map Reviewer.

  1. Helping others is a big part of being a Google Map Reviewer.  When you share your opinion and facts from a location you help others decide if they want to go to this location.
  2. Sharing locations in your community can help tourism.  How else are people around the world going to know to visit some of your favorite business, gardens and or parks unless you share about it.
  3. Google Map reviews by others help me save time and money.  I usually decided last minute from reviews others have shared if I’m going to visit a restaurant or other business.  Viewing the photos from those who have enjoyed ‘the worlds best soup’ can tell all!
  4. Google Map Reviews I have done help me keep track of the places I’ve been to and places I want to go easily.

What I love About Being A Google Map Reviewer

This video found on YouTube at : What I love about being a Google Map Reviewer.

Favorite Google Map Reviews

Here are a few of my favorite Google Map Reviews I’ve created.  I refer back to them from time to time when I forget the name of the meal I enjoyed or want to find the location to visit again.

Google Map

Below is the map you can easily access on mobile or on your desktop browser.

This map can be found at: Google Maps
Important notes

Images Featuring Google Map Review Options

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