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A Photo Tour of The Gardens at Ball Horticulture is a creative glance at the campus in Chicago Illinois. Enjoy the photography and video featured in this post. Enjoy the photography and video featured in this post from my tour of Ball Horticulture Chicago from 2013.   Be sure to scroll down and see a few of my favorite photos from this event.

The Gardens at Ball | A Photo Tour

Below is a slide show featuring images from my trip to the Chicagoland to visit The Gardens at Ball Horticulture Gardens.

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This video found on YouTube at: A photo tour of the gardens at Ball Horticulture.

Image Collection at The Gardens at Ball

This is a collection of images from my trip to The Gardens of Ball Horticulture in 2013.  I took over 100 images during the short time I was on location.  I hope to create a new photo album soon on my site so stay connect for details.  Be sure to click over each image to see close up.  I really love the use of space in these gardens that are not open to the public.  Amazing that this is in Chicago.

Miniature Gardening at Ball Hort

There was so much to see in these gardens.  Everything from edibles to landscape.  There were miniature gardens tucked in landscape and water features along walkways.

More About The Gardens at Ball Horticulture

My Favorite Image at Ball Horticulture

The gardens are located on the west side of Chicago.   Be sure to visit their website and contact them because the gardens are not open to the public.

If you are interested you can reach out to their office to see if they have any events scheduled this year.

Address:  622 Town Road West Chicago, Illinois 60185 USA

Other Garden Tours on My Website

Let’s Connect

I can’t wait to hear what you thought of these images from the beautiful gardens at Ball Horticulture.  Be sure to comment on my website with your questions and other feedback.  If you have a garden you think I should visit let me know.

Happy Garden Touring,

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  1. I wonder if this is the one I picked up earlier this season. They were on a table at my local Art Knapps during their recent Ladies Night. The sign just said they were a new trial Petunia that you’d only find there, that night for the event. Well I picked up half a dozen, and they are looking fantastic in my front pots. I’ll have to do an update on them at my blog sometimes too.

    Thanks for posting this! I do so love some glam in the garden!

    1. What a fabulous gift Laura! I will swing by your blog to take a look at the photos you post. Thanks for commenting so I could find you!

  2. Great photos! Thanks for mentioning me in your last blog!
    I plan on making dill pickles and blueberry jam this week.
    I have not seen that Petunia at the garden centers either.

    1. I don’t think the ‘glamour’ trend has hit Ohio yet Susan. Hopefully next year we will see more of this bloom. It looks fabulous paired with Diamond Frost in a container.

  3. A very striking flower indeed.

    My sister sent me photos of her black petunias. Even in full sun, they are SO dark they surely appear to be black. Interesting. Monochromatic flower garden?

    Thanks for posting.

  4. I already want one. But then, I am fond of “black” flowers — and this one looks truly black. Love how the foliage is that bright lime green for contrast. I could already see building a container with contrasting sweet potato vines, Margarita and Blackie, and maybe a pretty dark burgundy grass, for height. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Bren.

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