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Gardening Under Lights

Gardening Under Lights
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Take a closer look at the ‘Gardening Under Lights’ hardcover book By Leslie F. Halleck.  This publication is the complete guide for indoor growers and one of my all time GO TO books.

Since 2006 I have been dabbling with the possibilities of growing out of season indoors.  One of the key elements to success is the right lighting.  When author Leslie F Halleck told me about this book she was working on at a garden event I was intrigued.  It was an honor to get a rough draft copy of the book before it was in print.  The author even added my thoughts on her research on the back of the book.

There are many reasons I love this book and recommend it to ever home and greenhouse grower.  Perhaps the top reason is how easy it is to find every topic faced when growing plants out of season. Don’t let me lead you wrong, there are plenty of in-depth content about houseplants as well.  The key to growing success in the garden is knowing how plants use light.  With todays technology in lighting it is possible to grow basically anything at an affordable price.  What a great time it has been watching all this evolve in the Garden & Home industry.

Gardening Under Lights Video

One of the best ways to get to see a publication is on video.  I put together the content below so you can actually flip through the pages of the hard cover version of ‘Gardening Under Lights’ with me.  There is a Kindle version available but I truly recommend the hardcover so it can be easily accessed for years to come.

The video on this blog post is featured on Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  If you click on the video above it will take you to my YouTube Channel. Be sure to submit questions on this blog post for a quicker response.

Brens’ Gardening Under Lights Rating

Gardening Under Lights
Side Cover of Book

This post is dedicated to showing you what the book is about and why I recommend it.  There is no question after watching the video why I would give this book a 5 star (TOP) rating.  If you are interested in getting your copy please use my Amazon Affiliate link provided.  A small portion of that sale goes toward my gardening experience that I share with you daily.

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In conclusion, please consider leaving your feedback on the space provided below.  I hope you will consider checking out my website sharing how I use lights in my gardening adventures. 

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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  1. I just discovered you and your website while “drooling” over “gardening domes”. I don’t have one yet but hope to sometime in the future. I’ve been through the Texas A&M Agra-Life Gardening Program and have gardened outdoors in raised beds for several years. I’m also a big fan of indoor gardening with a “TOWER GARDEN” using LED lights. I hope to acquire one in 2024.

    I will be spending more time on your site as it looks very interesting.

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