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Ammo Can Rocket Stove on Winters Day

Egg Cooking on Stove
Cooking an Egg with the Ammo Can Rocket Stove My Son Made

What to do when the weather finally goes above single digits… make a campfire of course.  In this post I share a video and some images of this really unique Ammo Can Rocket Stove.   The stove is perfect for keeping warm and making a quick meal.  The post is just for fun – I am not selling the product. 

Ammo Can Rocket Stove Cooking

Woot woot… it is finally out of the single digits after the Winter Blast.  I still can’t believe  we survive a  -30*f wind chill just before Christmas this year.  To celebrate the temperatures close to freezing we head out to the snow and make an egg!  This is a cool little portable grill of sort my son made. The video demonstrates just how easy it was to  fire it up and cook on it.  It is also handy to help keep your hands warm on a really cold day.  SEE VIDEO:


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About The Ammo Can Rocket Stove

Ammo Can Rocket Stove
The Stove - ready to travel!

Please don’t be mislead thinking this is a sales post – it is not.  I just want to show how really cool this unique piece of art really is!   This is not something the average person could just whip together in the wood working or metal fab shop.  There was alot of welding, heavy duty pounding and of course powder coating going on in the shop.

Egg Bake on Rocket Stove
Egg ready in no time even on a cold winters day!

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Thank you for checking out my website today! Tell me what you think of this neat little Ammo Can Rocket Stove.  Be sure to leave a comment below and share this on your social media with friends and family. Please share with me some of the fun things you enjoy to do when winter arrives and it snows.

Happy Snow Day,

Bren Haas

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  1. I love this blog, Bren! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. HEY!!! It is great that you stopped by my website. THANK YOU!!!! I appreciate any feedback.

    1. I am not selling these on my website. Thank you for asking!

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