In this post, I share one of my favorite summer combinations. A Winning Container Filled With New Coleus, Sedge and Ivy Geranium you will want to add to your home garden.

A Winning Container Filled with New Coleus, Sedge and Ivy Geranium

winning container image filled with coleus

It’s hard to pick just one container as a favorite each summer. The combo mixed with sedge, coleus and geranium is at the top of the list.  Extremely dry and hot summers in Ohio are not uncommon. I wish every container could have performed as this tall container on my kitchen garden patio table.  Today I’m having some fun sharing a few plants that are worth taking notice of for your future container gardens. below is a video I put together showcasing this favorite container.

Winning Combo In September Garden

I did a short video talking about my obsession with these plants today.  I hope you will take the time and check it out.  Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you are on that network.  I am at @brenhaas.

This video is from my Bren Haas YouTube Channel. Be sure to comment and let me know what you really think about the container.

Dead Heading Time

coleus deadheading container gardening

One of my favorite tasks in the garden is ‘deadhead’.  Deadheading is picking back the expired blooms on plants.  After rain comes a had a huge growth spurt in the garden!  Most of my containers need to cut back or deadhead work.   This will encourage new growth and make the garden look amazing again.

The Containers on the Patio

This patio is sometimes referred to has my kitchen patio garden facing the northeast.  The area where the container sits only gets sun from around Noon – 3 in the afternoon.  Little watering was required because of the soil and the fertilizer that was added to this container.  I used Promix organic soil and a scoop of Healthy Grow early in the season with cocoa mulch to help hold the moisture.

 The Winning Container

The above photos feature close-ups of the tags and what each plant is in the container featured above. It’s so important to have proper tags. I’ve been a fan of coleus for years and this Sun Pineapple Surprise sent to me as a trial plant from Ball Seed is one of my favorites after growing it this summer.  I love the way the lime plays with the burgundy and pinks in the sunlight.

I keep forgetting that the Sedge is NOT an ornamental grass even though it really looks like one. I’ve grown this plant in years before in full sun and it gets super full.  Back in the most shared garden in the container featured today I love how it provided color and an interesting point.

Over the past few years, I’ve become a huge fan of geraniums mostly because I can enjoy them year-round in the dome.  This Great Balls of Fire Merlot Geranium Ivy is a keeper and the plant for almost any container.  It didn’t overtake the container like ivy’s I’ve grown before and the contrast of the blooms next to the green are eye-catching.   I have this plant in full sun as well and it seems to like the few hours of afternoon soon better.

Autumn Ideas

If you enjoy this combo featured on this page you won’t want to miss some more tips and tricks from the garden about autumn. 

Let’s Connect

What was your winning plants containers this summer. Did you try new combos or did you keep with the traditional mix? I’d love to hear from you so please comment below so we can connect.

Happy Gardening,

4 Responses

  1. I have an 18 diameter planter…should I plant two coleus and 2 geranium packs for maximum effect?

    1. This combo sounds beautiful! Why not mix it up with coleus and geraniums… be sure to allow each geranium plant about 2-3 inches to grow wide. You may want to pinch the top of the geraniums to encourage the plant to get wide and grow around the container like a border plant. I hope you consider coming back and leaving me a message to where I might be able to see photos of your planting! reach out at http://brenhaas.com/connect

  2. What trailing plant looks best with geraniums and coleus combo?

    1. oh goodness… there are so many trailing plants that look great with geraniums. I hope to post a new article featuring a few of my ALL TIME favorites later this weekend.

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