A Visit to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens

Summer vacation just isn’t long enough with all the fun attractions in Ohio.  In this post I share a recent day trip my husband and I made to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.
Cleveland Botanical Gardens

My Favorite Finds

One of my favorite attractions at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens is this cute water featuring in the main visiting building.  The room is used for events indoors.  The short video  below is a feature on my instragram.

Water feature at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. #ohio #gardenchat

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I want this water feature in my sunroom…. so cool!!! 

Cleveland Botanical Gardens

There is always an adventure when walking the many gardens at Cleveland Botanical Garden.  I highly recommend getting out and seeing what is growing in your region for inspiration. Visiting local gardens is a great way to learn about new plants that work in your hardiness zone.  A favorite find during this visit was a buckeye trees in the shade and corn growing with squash.

Photo Collection on Flickr
Below is a collection of images from the visit to Cleveland Botanical Garden in June.
Cleveland Botanical Garden

The Veggie Garden

A favorite gardens to walk during this visit to Cleveland Botanical Gardens is the veggie garden. My biggest disappointment is to not see more flowers mixed in with the vegetables. Below are a few favorites from the vegetable garden.

A Visit to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens
Strawberries in a Raised Bed
Labels … interesting combination.

Corn Mixed with Squash ( I LOVE THIS!!!!)
The trellis is really cool.. they have cucumbers planted at the bottom to climb.
Tomatoes In Between Grape Vines on Trellis
Purple Peppers and Nasturtium is going to look amazing in a few weeks when sun and heat kicks in this Ohio garden.

Day Trip To Cleveland Botanical Gardens

Be sure to check out the Cleveland Botanical Garden during your next drive through Ohio. The gardens are conventionally located right off the turnpike.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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I would love to hear from you.  Have you visited the Cleveland Botanical Garden?  What was your favorite attraction at this amazing MUST SEE place in Ohio?

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  1. Very nice post Bren! Very nice rose pictures in the slideshow– I hope people will make a visit to the Cleveland Botanical Garden. One of my favorite places there is the Woodland walk.

  2. Wow, beautiful photographs! Did they call the squash and corn “2 Sisters?” or were there beans around/between? Just curious–I like the pairing of just the squash and corn as it is!

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