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Dried Seeds on Napkin | Mystery Tomato

The Tomato Seeds on a Dried Napkin Planting

In this post I share the mystery tomato seeds on a dried napkin planting.  These in an envelope labelled ‘organic heirloom tomato’.  Find the video on how I plant the napkin and what happen after just a short few days. The Tomato Seeds on a Dried Napkin Planting A few years ago I hosted a

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Dome Garden in Winter

Planting Seeds with the Puppy in The Greenhouse Dome

Being a greenhouse owner means I don’t pay attention to the cold as much.  Every day is a holiday in this growing space.  This post I share a fun video featuring Planting Seeds with the Puppy in The Greenhouse Dome. Planting Seeds with the Puppy in The Greenhouse Dome Video My goal in 2020 is

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Three Tomato Plants

3 Perfect Raised Bed Tomato Plants

In this post I am sharing 3 perfect for raised bed tomato plants.  I grew these as starter plants in the last growing season and absolutely enjoy them.  In fact, one of the plants I grow from seed this spring for 2023.

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White Star Eggplant Flower

The White Star Eggplant Growing in My Home Garden

In this post I share the beautiful White Star Eggplant.  This was a super easy variety to grow in my home garden.  The shape of the plant and beautiful harvest featured on this post. White Star Eggplant In Home Garden Super low maintenance and beautiful to grow! To be honest with you, the eggplant seed

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New Seedlings

New Tomato Plants For 2022

This year I am mixing it up in the home garden.  In this post I share the new tomato plants for 2022 I have growing from seed. New Tomato Plants https://youtu.be/-94BkmZqvuw I hope to do better at sharing photos of the tomatoes as they grow compared to last year.  Last year I was horrible at

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Seed Starter Supplies for 2022

Growing Pepper Plants From Seed Indoors

In this post I share my favorite products for the new year growing pepper plants from seed indoors.  Check out the video featuring step by step how to and my personal tips. There are photos of products I highly recommend that will save you time and money. Growing Pepper Plants  From Seed Indoors Video This

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Rare Seeds Order Review 2022

Rare Seeds Order Review

Today is the day I am going to share with you all one of the many orders I’ve made from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Find my Rare Seeds order Review on this post. A list of the seeds I am excited to grow this year and more below. Rare Seeds Order Review Join me in

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Spring Blooms from Chive Plants

Planting Chive in Your Home Garden

It’s Never Too Late To Plant Chives One of the most beautiful sites in the garden each spring is chive in bloom.  In the past two years, I discovered online that you can use the flowers of the chive in salads.  I have a large section of chive growing in the back raised bed area

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Single Piece of Tissue Paper

Tillandsias Air Plants Winter UNBOXING Review

In this post, I share Tillandsias Air Plants Winter UNBOXING Review. Check out the surprising video and images in this post. I am a huge fan of tropicals due to the fact that I can always take the plant out to my dome greenhouse.   The 3D print ‘DUDE’ is my inspiration for pricing the order

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purple orange and yellow autumn flowers

3 Colorful Autumn Plants For a Splash of Color

In this post, I share 3 colorful Autumn plants that will add a splash of color to your home garden.  You will find images, plant description,s and video below. 3 Colorful Autumn Plants For A Splash of Color   These 3 plants are adding a splash of color to my autumn garden instantly.  Impressive how

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Super fun growing coffee trees

About Coffea Arabica Plant

Coffea arabica or better known as the Arabian Coffee Plant.  Who would have guessed I’d find such a unique plant at Aldi while grocery shopping?  Well actually, I am not because Aldi has some great finds.  In this post, I am sure with you my experience growing the Coffee Plant. About My Coffea Arabica Plant

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