In this post I share a quick visit to Loch Greenhouse located in Swanton Ohio.  Check out the large variety of plants grown locally at this small garden center.

Loch Greenhouse Spring 2022

A short drive near the Ohio Turnpike and Toledo Express Airport will land you right at this local growers plant haven.  Find Loch Greenhouse with plenty of front parking and unique plants.  A few of my favorite attractions you will find at this garden center is mentioned in the video.

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Loch Greenhouse Spring Highlights

I LOVE taking photos … so hear is my favorite SHOTS from the trip to Loch Greenhouse in Ohio.  Be sure to click through each to find out more details.  Interested in seeing what  I REALLY think of this location?  Watch the video in this post!

Flat Trays Price for 2022
pink petunias trailing
vegetable flat tray prices

Unique Plants at Independent Garden Center 

This is the perfect tomato variety to have in a hanging basket.  The Lizzano Cherry Tomato has pretty clusters of yellow flowers.  

tomato planthanging basket with Lizzano Cherry Tomato
flower of Lizzano Tomatoes

Unique Plants | Cypereus Papyrus
Crown of Pharaoh Tag
Sunray Pink Petunia
Jewel Mix | Nasturtium

Unique to find Nasturtium available in Garden Centers! 

banana trees
3 year old banana tree

Unique Conifers

thunder conifer treeUnique Blue Spruceunique conifers |  globe shaped Linesville Arborvitaelarge assortment of unique evergreens and pines


What I Brought Home

small jade plant

I bought a tray of spring vegetables that I will share in an upcoming video featuring my new raised beds. 


Thanks for checking out my website today.  Interested in seeing more garden centers and shopping tips?  Be sure to bookmark my website to see more.

Visit Loch Greenhouse

Address: 11301 Airport Hwy, Swanton, OH 43558
Be Sure to tall to check seasonal hours!
Loch Greenhouse in Swanton Ohio

In conclusion of putting this short trip together I want to invite you to share your thoughts below.  Be sure to reach out to me on my website for quicker response. Let me know if I inspired you to get out and check out local growers.   You will find unique products, plants and conversations in this independent garden centers.

Happy Garden Center Hopping!

Bren Haas

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