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The Australian Shepherd Olivia Who Makes Us Happy

It is hard to believe I had my mindset on getting a Labrador when we first moved to the country and had space for a dog.  Thankful my sister-in-law brought over Olivia’s pup who needed a home.  She has made us all happy for the past 13 years. She is The Australian Shepherd Olivia Who Makes Us Happy. 

She Often Sat with Front Legs Crossed

Why Consider Australian Shepherds

At first glance, she was just a big puff of black and white fur.  How could you not love that blue-eyed puppy?  If you have space to let the Australian Shepherd roam freely and safe she is the perfect dog for you.  The time you spend with the animal is crucial for keeping the dog happy and healthy.  The Australian Shepherd needs to be a part of your daily life because she is such an intelligent breed.   Consider the Australian shepherd because this bred is intelligent and loyal.  Because she is so smart she can tell if you are being true. Below are my top reasons to consider Australian Shepherds:

  • Intelligent
  • Easy to work with
  • Beautiful color
  • Energetic breed and ready to go and do things.
  • Always one step ahead of you.
  • A bred that will always be by your side. (clingy at times)

A Part Of The Family

Many people ask me how does the Australian Shepherd engages with children being a herding dog.  If you work with the Australian Shepherd it is super easy to get her to break the habit of rounding up the children.  Watching the kids play and enclosing her in the daily activities outdoors helped the puppy understand her job was to be a part of the family.

Friendly to The Entire Family

Olivia was our first dog and at the time we were cat people.  She spent her first days sleeping in the kitty bin in the garage. Because she grew up and was directed to be kind to kitties she has always been respectful to the cats on our farm.  It wasn’t uncommon to find her cuddling on the front porch with the Calico kitty. When you introduce a new puppy to other members of your family be sure to keep an eye on how they are behaving.  The animals may need direction and taught how to respect one’s space.

Olivia The Pup Who Makes Us Happy

Below are some of my favorite photos of my dog Olivia.

About Australian Shepherds

Sunning in the Summer

The Australian Shepherd, usually referred to as  “Aussie”, is a medium-sized breed of dog that comes from ranches in the Western United States during the 19th century.  This bred usually lives 13-15 years if taking care of properly.  Aussies have beautiful colors such as Merle, Red Merle, Black, Red tricolor, Black tricolor, Blue Merle, Red.  The Australian Shepherds are extremely smart and are healthiest when worked with.

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Olivia The Aussie

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Let’s Connect

I’d love to hear about your puppy.  Do you have a full breed and where did you get the pup?  Please comment below or leave a message on my contact page so we can connect.

Happy Puppy Day,

3 Responses

  1. Dogs jump up, not to knock you down, but to give a big kiss. A dog kiss isn’t exactly the same as human kisses. Puppies lick the mom-dog’s eyes and face to show deference. Adults give doggy kisses to humans they love and respect and aim at the face. Kneel to let him kiss you (if doggy smooches don’t bother you). Or offer your hand for a sniff-and-smooch instead.

  2. Love the blog post about your beautiful Aussie. I have three dogs that I love very much. LuLu is our little 19 pound beagle who is considered a “senior” now that she is just over eight years old. When my big German Shepherd/Malamute died in 2016, LuLu grieved for her old friend, so we got Daisy, part Great Pyrennes/Shepherd mix and LuLu was happy again. BUT, Daisy is a rough player and poor LuLu was having back and neck problems from the rough playing, so we now have added Pepper to the mix. Pepper is a medium size “Aussie” mix who is working out great. She is a grand playmate and keeps Daisy happy and LuLu loves her and is enjoying not having back and neck problems anymore. I’ve never had an “Aussie” before but we are enjoying the new playmate for our dogs. Thanks for sharing your story about your “Aussie”.

    1. I love hearing about your pets Ginger – thank you for sharing with me. I worry about Olivia daily because she is getting up there in age. She is so frail and yet keeps going like she was a still a puppy. I hope you share more about your dogs with me soon.

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