White Dogwood and Butterweed Along the Roadside

RoadSide in Spring Ohio
Drive Thru Oak Openings Park

In this post I share a quick video and a few images featuring white dogwood and butterweed blooms.  This content from a drive along Oak Openings Metropark this time of year.  Be sure to scroll down and leave me a comment!

White Dogwood and Butterweed Video

One of the highlights of May 5 or Cinco De Mayo was the afternoon drive through one of our favorite parks.  This park can be found in a Google Map search at: Oak Openings.  I’ll include mapping details at the bottom of this post.. It  is always so peaceful driving through this region of Northwest Ohio.  Check out my video below:

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If you are having issues viewing this video or need to connect with me reach out on my website.  The video on this post is part of the Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  You can find me at @brenhaas  network if you have an account.  I appreciate your time and sponsorship via subscription.

White Dogwood and Butterweed Image Collection

I fell in love with this roadside.  It really is amazing how the same road transforms each week during the growing season with new colors from native plants and trees.  Both my husband and I are inspired by this landscape.  In the section below I want to share just a small gallery of the images I snapped with my iphone.  The video on this page was just a quick capture to show you upclose the experience.

Dogwood Blooms at Oak Opening Park
White Dogwood Along Wood Line

Find the Oak Openings Preservation Park at 4139 Girdham Rd, Swanton, OH 43558

Don’t Miss These Plants

In the section below I want to share with you post featuring some plants you might want to consider for your landscape.  Most, if not all are from my home garden in northwest Ohio.  If you have questions about these plants please reach out to me on the space at the bottom of this post.

Oliver and Tulips in May
Oliver and The Doubling Tulips


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After watching the video and checking out the white dogwood and butterweed be honest and tell me what you think.  Would you consider growing these in your garden or landscape?  Connect with me on my website post below.

Happy Spring from Oak Openings Region,

Bren Haas

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