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White Pillar Hibiscus

Pillar (Hibiscus) Rose of Sharon Shrub

In this post, I want to share the Pillar Rose of Sharon Shrub in my home landscape. Check out videos and images with my personal review of this plant. About The Pillar Rose of Sharon The video below is a quick Q&A submit on my website asking about this shrub.  I share my honest opinion

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My Pink Hollyhock Grown From Seed

How to Grow and Care for Hollyhocks

Hollyhock is a plant I am sure everyone who has visited a country garden has experienced. In this post I share the Hollyhock in my garden and easy ways to grow your own. Along The House When we first moved into our home in the country I was very excited to see that hollyhocks were

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Summer Walk In The Garden

Easy To Grow in the Home Garden | GardenChat

It has been a super busy growing season. Let’s kick back and share about easy growing in the home garden on a GardenChat. In this post, I highlight some of my favorite things to grow the first year in the cut flower farm. Late July Walk in the Cut Flower Garden In the video below

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tropical in container on porch

3 Hibiscus Plants : That Will Rock Your Home Garden

Some of the most stunning blooms in my home garden this week are coming from the Hibiscus Plants.  There are three different types of hibiscus in my garden and I’m going to share them with a growing tip for you today on this blog post. Perennial Hibiscus In the image below is my is perennial hibiscus

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