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Home Garden Favorites From Bren’s July Collection

Someday’s you will find me weeding and others I’m just walking taking photos and enjoying what’s growing. In this post, I share some of my July summer favorites in my home garden.

Greenhouse Landscape Garden Favorites

Greenhouse in backyard

Heading out to my 10’x12′ greenhouse you will find a beautiful collection of hydrangeas and hostas before stepping out on the grass.

Gryphon begonia

Growing in a container just outside of the mudroom to the greenhouse is the Gryphon begonia.  One of my favorites to grow since 2012 but it doesn’t do well in my home as a house plant or in the dome garden.   This begonia loves to be hot and dry soil.

In the Landscape the Oak Leaf Grows

Hydrangeas have been a favorite since moving to the country.  I feel in love with the Oak Leaf Hydrangea.  The oakleaf Hydrangea was so easy to grow I soon added more varieties to the home garden.

Invincibelle® Spirit Smooth Hydrangea

Invincibelle® Spirit Smooth Hydrangea

 The Greenhouse Summer Garden

In the raised bed gardens you will find many different herbs, perennials and even shrubs growing in containers.  In these photos, I share a few of my favorites from the summer garden.

Tropical Hydrangea in containers that were stored in the greenhouse over the winter come alive. Summer in this garden is really one of my favorite subjects to photograph.

Tropical Hibiscus in Containers

In the photo above you will find Strawberry Blooms Next to the Sweet Potato Container Planting just outside the greenhouse door.

Favorites From the Raised Gardens

In the photos below I share my favorites from the raised beds where you will find herbs, vegetables and more!

olivia watching the garden grow

Marigolds in Raided Bed

Eggplant and More in Raised Beds

Raised Bed Front

In The Landscape

Landscape Along Greenhouse

There is no other lily that stands out like the Orienpet Lily ‘Silk Road”. This huge, intoxicatingly fragrant 8″ flowers that are borne on spires up to 2′ across.  I purchased this lily at Walmart in 2012 as part of a Cancer Awareness promotion.  The lilies grow surrounding the south side of the greenhouse garden.

Silk Road Orienpet Lily

Do you spot the pink flower?  Can you guess what it is?  It is one of the first dahlias I grew from tubers in my landscape.  I believe this is the Melody Pink Allegro variety.  The plant was super easy to grow in the landscape just be prepared to wait until later in the summer for the bloom show.


The doubling rose of Sharon : Lavendar Chiffon by Proven Winners was one of the first shrubs added just outside the greenhouse.

Rose of sharon

This post has been updated 2020

Let’s Connect

It is so much fun sharing what is growing in my home garden. I hope you will take the time and comment below on this blog post.  I would also love to hear more from you on my contact form where I will email you back a response.

Happy Gardening Friends,

Bren Haas


11 responses to “Home Garden Favorites From Bren’s July Collection”

  1. Your garden looks outstanding!!!

    • Bren says:

      thank you … I hope you join the fun and share your garden on #GrowNow2015 !

  2. Your garden looks fantastic!!

  3. Gorgeous! Everything is blooming so much earlier this year around here.

  4. I love all the photos you included! I feel like I am in your garden! What fun! And 30+ dahlias! Whew! Do you get to leave them in the ground overwinter where you are or do you dig them up and store them?

    • Bren says:

      THank you Jen! The dahlias I over winter in my greenhouse because in zone 5b they will not survive winter.

  5. melissa says:

    Everything is looking lovely! Including your furry gardening assistant!

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  7. houseplantgurulisa says:

    Your garden is beautiful, Bren! And I love Boo kitty. It is fun to have a kitty following you around in the garden.

    • Bren says:

      Thank you Lisa… I can’t wait for you to come visit my garden so you can met Boo in person.

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