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Curly Spider Plant named Bonnie

Curly Spider Plant Chlorophytum Bonnie

Not only is this a compact houseplant it is perfect for most any home. The curly spider plant or Chlorophytum Bonnie is by far one of my favorite plants to enjoy year-round.  Check out fun growing tips and more from my personal experience.

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Daisy Style Mum

How to Grow and Care for Fall Mums

In this post I share some of my personal tips on how to grow and care for Fall mums.  You will see my latest video about hardy mums also known as Chrysanthemums. Mums During the Autumn season you will find many different varieties of mums (Chrysanthemums).  During a recent visit to a local garden center

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Pepper and Tomato Harvest

End of the Season Pepper and Tomato Harvest

In this post I share a video and images featuring some of my favorite tomatoes and peppers at the end of the growing seasons.  There are so many amazing produce that came from this growing season so this is only a few that stood out at the end. 

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Red Lady Hellebore

Red Lady Hellebore

One of the Lenten Rose plants added to my home garden was the Red Lady Hellebore.  In this post I share images and basic growing tips. Red Lady Hellebore There are many different varieties of hellebores available on the market today.   It has been exciting to see all the new colors locally.  Years ago when I

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How to Use a Heat Mat for Seed Starting

How to Use A Heat Mat for Seed Starting

This is truly one of those things I wish I knew about in the beginning of my seed starting adventures. In this post you will find my experience using heat mat for seed starting.  You will find a video (vlog) and images with details and personal tips. How to Use A Heat Mat for Seed

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February Dome Garden Sunset

Geodesic Bio Dome February Update

This time of year is one of the most exciting in the Geodesic Bio Dome.  The sun is getting higher in the sky which means more sunshine in this growing space. In this post find loads of images and notes about what to expect in February. https://youtu.be/w6dScW3iQeI This video can be found on my Bren

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Amaryllis At Garden Center

How to Care for A New Amaryllis Bulb

It is never too late to grow an amaryllis plant. In this post I share a video and image about how to care for a new amaryllis bulb. In this presentation I am answering a question submitted by one of my readers.  I will discuss my personal experience caring for Amaryllis bulbs. Caring For a

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New Dome Gardening

New Year in the Geodesic Bio Dome

In this post I share a very happy start to the new year in the Geodesic Bio Dome.  Wait until you see the new plants that are blooming and all the sunshine.  It is hard to believe it was the coldest day in the new winter season. New Year in the  Geodesic Bio Dome Video

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Geodesic Bio Dome in December

Geodesic Bio Dome December Update

In this post I share my Geodesic Bio Dome December Update.  Video and images from todays experience in the dome are featured here. Geodesic Bio Dome December Update Video This video is part of my Geodesic Bio Dome experience.  I document this information on my website under dome categories. This video is also part of

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Pets and Bulbs

Dutch Grown Bulb Order Review

Wait until you see what my Dutch Grown Bulb order looks like!  In the video below I share what that experience is like and a photo review.  If you would like to ask questions about growing bulbs please scroll down and comment on this post.  You’ll have to scroll down to see why I gave

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