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Container Under Lights

Growing Basil Year-Round in My Home Garden

Check out my tips and tricks on Growing Basil Year-Round in My Home Garden. I share a few of my favorite varieties along with how to start your own seeds. Growing Basil Year-Round Planting Tips In the video below I share how the basil plant is thriving in a self-watering container with LED lights. I

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free seeds

Mail Order Botanical Interest Seed Unboxing

In this post check out the beautiful presentation from my mail order from Botanical Interests Seed.  I do a video unboxing and share a few photos. Mail Order Botanical Interests Seed Unboxing With everything going on in this world today it was a real treat to get my mail order.  What a beautiful presentation as

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Amaryllis bulbs ready to be stored or planted

Everything You Need To know About Storing Amaryllis Bulbs

Amaryllis blooms are one of the highlights of my houseplant collection. In this post, I share how I personally store my Amaryllis bulbs.  You will find video and images with step by step information on my site. About the Amaryllis Bulbs The Amaryllis bulb has a healthy outer skin that looks like paper or shriveled

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Variegatum Yellow Archangel Plant

I One of the popular questions I get online is ‘What Plant Do You Regret putting in your landscape?’.  Today I am going to share with you the Variegatum Yellow Archangel plant. Variegatum Yellow Archangel The foliage on this plant is simply amazing.  I love how quick it grows in containers trailing over 2 feet

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Seed Starting Trip

Starting Your First Home Garden From Seed

One of the most rewarding thing a person can do is grow something from seed.  In this post I share a few tips on starting your first home garden from seed.  You will find a video and images to get you going! Starting Your First Home Garden From Seed   My sister in law sent

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laying on counter book review

The Gardeners Guide To Cactus Book Review

In this post I share a book review featuring The Gardeners’ Guide to Cactus by Scott Calhoun. The Gardeners Guide to Cactus ‘The 100 Best Paddles, Barrels, Columns, and Gloves’ Video Did you know that the cactus family is a group of plants containing around 2,500 different species?  You will find 100 of the best

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Flashlight in Garden Night

Join Me For A Silly Flashlight Garden Tour

In this post, I get a little silly and take you all for a walk in my evening garden.  Join me for a Flashlight Garden Tour. Flashlight Garden Tour V-log This is totally different – random is normal for me but this was way out there!  I even do a ‘scary monster’ flashlight laugh.  Be

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Succulent dish in the window

Planting Succulents in Recycled Containers

In this post, I share how I am keeping a few of my favorite succulents alive indoors until it is sunny and safe for them to go outside. Be sure to check out my video in this post titled: Planting Succulents in Recycled Containers.

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Baby Shower Succulent Container Gifts

Creative Container Succulent Gift Project

You know it is a special event when I gift my succulent babies.  In this post, I share a creative container succulent gift project in this post was created for a friend with love! Creative Container Succulent Gift Project I have so much fun in the dome. During this planting event, it was 80*F in

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Snow Begins

Creative Living V-log Featuring First Snow

The snow sure is pretty even if it is mid-Autumn.  In today’s share check out my v-log featuring the first snow in my garden. First Snow 2019 V-Log I had to check the records on Weather.org to see if today’s snowfall was a record-breaker.  It appears we had snow in my area in October 1989. 

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mother of a thousand

Mother of Thousands Plant

Mother of Thousands Plant or Kalanchoe daigremontiana is a fun plant to have in my collection.  In this post, I share what you have to look forward to if you add this to your indoor collection.  Mother of Thousands Plant Video My Mother of Thousands Plant is growing happy with a few other fun houseplants on my

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