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Onion, Chickpea, Kale and Chicken Soup Recipe

Onion, Chickpea, Kale and Chicken Soup

In this post I whip up a delicious Autumn harvest favorite using rotisserie chicken and herbs from the garden.  This is my easy to make onion chickpea kale chicken soup. You will find a few easy growing tips along with images below. Trust me… taste better than the photo turned out! Onion Chickpea Kale and

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Broccoli and Cheese Cheat Soup!

Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe

Super Easy Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Recipe In this post I share my easy to make broccoli cheese soup using what you most likely have in your cabinet today!  Check out the flavorful ingredients along with a few growing tips.  It is amazing how the flavor changings with produce from your very own edible garden at

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Pot-A-Peno Indoors

Everything I Love About Pot-A-Peno Jalapeno Plants

In this post I share the new Pot-A-Peno (Jalapeno Plants) I grew this season.  You will see a video featuring the plant including various conditions to grow these minis in. Pot-A-Peno Jalapeno Plant Video Review This plant was so much fun to grow during the last 2 growing seasons.  The video feature on this post

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Notes from 2003

Notes From The Garden Landscape Discovered

Rain day today so I am working indoors.  I found an envelope with some hand written notes I took years ago.  In this video I share a quick vlog with notes from the garden. Notes From The Garden My biggest surprise today was the fact that I could actually read my handwriting.  No joke,  the

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Golden Sunking Sunflower Review

Golden Sunking Sunflower Review

In this post I share a video, images and my personal thoughts on the Golden Sunking Sunflower.  I am sure you will be shocked at how easy this heirloom sunflower was to grow. Golden Sunking Sunflower Review Despite a late start in my Ohio garden, this 5 foot tall plant ended up being a show

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AeroGarden Dome Replacement

Hydroponic AeroGarden Dome Lid Q&A

It’s Q&A time on my website.  A reader recently sent me a question concerning the AeroGarden set up I am currently using in my home.  Although I am not an ‘expert’ when it comes to growing hydroponics, I do appreciate what this product has taught me.  In this post you will find the latest question

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Edible Window Boxes 2021

Spring Edible Window Box Ideas

In today’s post I share with you my 3 large window boxes I have on my back kitchen patio.  You will find a video and images that will give you my tips to help you grow successfully during the cool season.   Find A Creative Spring Edible Window Box Ideas Video in this post. Edible Window

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Oakleaf Lettuce in Dome Greenhouse

Growing Microgreen Lettuce Review and Tips

One of the biggest challenges I see people sharing online is having fresh greens.  In todays post I want to share 2 varieties of lettuce that I grew and enjoy.  You will find a video and images featuring growing microgreen lettuce review and tips. Growing  Microgreen Lettuce Review and Tips Video In the video feature below

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hundreds of Olives Forming

Arbequina Olive Tree Update

Todays post is really exciting for me because I do believe I have Arbequina Olive Tree harvest on the way!  In this post you will see a video featuring what the tree looks like and what I’ve been doing to get fruit. Arbequina Olive Tree Update Year Two It was a toasty day in the

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Spring Green Minestrone Soup

Green Minestrone Soup Recipe

In this post, I share a new and super tasty  Green Minestrone Soup.  Using many of the vegetables and herbs I grow at home you will love this doable recipe. Scroll down for more details and my personal growth tips. Green Minestrone Soup Recipe For this recipe, you will need the following.  Feel free to

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Mystery Plant in My Kitchen Garden

Mystery Plant in Kitchen Herb Garden

In this post, we dig up the mystery plant in my kitchen herb garden.  You will find a fun video with a few fun facts about growing edibles indoors. Mystery Plant in My Kitchen Herb Garden You can imagine my surprise to find a plant growing in my indoor kitchen garden that I didn’t put

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paperwhites blooming

All About the Paperwhites from Bulb to Bloom

In this post, I share images of my Paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus ) blooming in my home and dome garden.  You will find images and tips on how I personally grow these scented treasures. Paperwhites In Bloom Many of the flowers that are blooming are for photography.  Here are a few of my most recent images

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