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Dahlia in the Garden Landscape

Favorite Flowers of 2014

Over the years I have grown some pretty amazing flowers in my garden.  In this post,I want to highlight a few of my favorites from 2014.  Check out how they grow and why I recommend them in this post. Favorite Flowers 2014 Nasturtium in my raised bed garden grown from seed This year was amazing

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Sunflower From 2021


On this page you will find my Gallery of unique images from day to day living.  Be sure to scroll through and get the details on each post.  Click on each image for details! Hellebore in Spring 2023 Sunflower From 2021 Dark Leafed Sunshine Dahlia nasturtium flowers daylily hemerocallis landscape off front porch Pomegranate Bloom

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New Seedlings

New Tomato Plants For 2022

This year I am mixing it up in the home garden.  In this post I share the new tomato plants for 2022 I have growing from seed. New Tomato Plants I hope to do better at sharing photos of the tomatoes as they grow compared to last year.  Last year I was horrible at my

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Fresh Seasonal Harvest

What is Community Supported Agriculture CSA

In this post I share some basic information about CSA.  If you want to eat local and support local this is a great way to do so.  You will find information about what a CSA is and how to find one near you. CSA or Community Supported Agriculture What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture

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canna and succulent container

Canna and Succulent Container Planting

In this post I share one of my latest creations using canna and succulent in container.  This is a fun and easy way to enjoy vibrant color with little to no work!  Basically plant and do during the early summer months and enjoy until its time to harvest before late frost. Canna and Succulent Container

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barbara z dahlia

Picking the Perfect Dahlias For a Cut Flower Garden

In this post, I share 7 dahlias that are perfect for your cut garden.  I fell in love with this variety on a garden tour to Dahlia Hill public garden in Michigan.  You will love these images and a video so check it out! Be sure to note that at the location where I took

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ceratostigma plumbaginoides

Ground Cover for Seasonal Color : Plumbago

Discover a productive yet colorful ground cover for the landscape in this post today. A versatile Ground Cover for Seasonal Color: Plumbago growing in my home garden. The Plumbago In My Autumn Garden I am excited to share these photos with you from my landscape right outside the mudroom door.  Need I mention this area

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Gardening with Volunteers

Sunflower Volunteers in my Home Garden

In this post, I want to share with you some of the beautiful happy volunteers that have come up in my garden over the years.  One of the biggest surprises has been sunflower volunteers. In My Garden The Sunflower Volunteer In the video below I share just how beautiful this sunflower really is.  The plant

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zucchini read to harvest

Tips on How to Grow Summer Squash

Summer coffee on the front porch with a fresh slice of zucchini bread is something we enjoy each year. Growing summer squash like zucchini can be rewarding and easy if you follow a few basic steps. In this post, I share a few growing tips that work for me in my home veggie garden here

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