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What is Community Supported Agriculture CSA

In this post I share some basic information about CSA.  If you want to eat local and support local this is a great way to do so.  You will find information about what a CSA is and how to find one near you.

CSA or Community Supported Agriculture

In Season Harvest |CSA

What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture or crop sharing.  Crop sharing is a system that connects the producer and consumers within the food system more closely by allowing the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of a certain farm or group of farms.  Perhaps one of the best publications I have read that details this topic is the Welcome to The AGRIHOOD by Anna Desimone This book goes into details about this program and thinking about ‘what is in season’.  This book is in the Amazon Store at this link.

When you join a community supported agriculture (CSA) program, you are making a pledge to the farm in return for a ‘share’ of the harvest. Usually, weekly you will receive a ‘share box’ of the freshest food for the farms most bountiful crops. As a CSA member, you and your family will have a connection to the farm and benefit from the season-long supply of nutritious food. 

Willowsford Farm Greenhouses

CSA give farms a sustainable model for anticipating crop needs and funding the cost of agricultural operations.  Each subscriber commits to a certain share size and distribution schedule. Generally, ‘shareholders’ or ‘members ‘ invest in the farm by paying a flat fee at the beginning of the season.  Shareholders also share in the risk, since the farm’s production can be affected by weather or other unforeseen events. 

Finding A CSA in Your Area

It is important to find a Community-supported agriculture that follows guidelines. The official site of the United States Government has a list or directory to help you find one in your area https://www.ams.usda.gov/local-food-directories/csas

I want to note that I have never participated in a Community Supported Agriculture program but I have toured a few gardens across the United States that are certified. 

Start a Community Supported Agriculture Program In Your Area

It is no easy task being a farmer. I want to share this network I found that has all the tools to start a CSA.  If you are interested in finding out more about starting this type of program in your area I recommend checking out the Fair Share Coalition at https://www.csacoalition.org/resources

The Farmers Market

Photos on this post are from Willowsford Farm during a Garden Blogger Fling I attended in 2017.

Willowsford Farm Stand | 23595 Founders Drive, Ashburn, VA 20148

Let’s Connect

In conclusion, I would love to hear from you and if you participate in CSA programs.   Be sure to reach out to me by commenting on my website.  I look forward to hearing about your experience with the CSA.

Happy Gardening,


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  1. Legacy Acres Farmily CSA is located in Bellevue, Ohio ~ 1/2 hr ~ 45″ sw of Sandusky, Ohio. You can find them under that name, or at JaimeJasonGarza on fb. They raise chickens – honest to God free range! – and a whole variety of veggies. They deliver on Friday during the summer & fall. Jaime frequently posts on Instagram pics & videos so you can watch everything from tilling the soil, thru planting, watching the first seedlings pop up, weeding, harvesting ~ and ~ she’ll even escort you thru the barn to show you how they set up the week’s baskets ~ or gathering eggs ~ some of the equipment they use. You can feel like a farmer ~ minus the back-aches and mud ☺️ They are also great supporters of local business of all kinds. If there’s something you’re looking for, and prefer to support the local producers, and “Mom & Pop’s” ~ from jewelry ~ to homemade goodies~ to flowers & hardscaping ~ and other whole — SAFE — foods, ask her ~ she can refer you to quality people & their products! ?

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this information with me Sharon. I hope to look this location up this summer and see if I can visit. It sounds like a fantastic local grower and I appreciate you sharing this with me.

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