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Quinoa & Bean Stuffed Anaheim Peppers Recipe

Poblano StuffedDuring the late summer into early Autumn months, we are blessed to have peppers galore! In the 2016 vegetable garden, I totally cut back only planting two rows that were about 10 feet long.  My family loves this Quinoa & Bean Stuffed Anaheim Peppers recipe I came up with using what we had in the garden and pantry.

Peppers are always my ‘superheroes’ in the garden as the growing season outdoors comes to an end.  Curious about the jalapeno cracks? The cracks usually appear when the pepper starts to turn from green to red.  I find with the jalapenos I grow the peppers with cracks are something hotter to taste.

How to Make Quinoa & Bean Stuffed Peppers

stuffed poblano recipe

Please note in this post I have pictured the Poblano pepper which has a little more spice in the flavor. The Anaheim pepper is milder in taste but bakes up similar in texture.

Since I grow peppers, toward the end of the season I get very creative when adding them to menus.  I will put the anaheim peppers in breakfast, dinner, and lunch on some days.  This pepper variety is mild, sweet and packs a little kick later in the growing season here in Ohio.  Below is a healthy twist to the traditional stuffed green peppers I grew up on.  You can omit the cheese in the recipe below making it totally vegan!



sweet peppers with poblano

Most peppers are high in Vitamin C, A and B so they are good for you.  I recommend the Anaheim pepper for home gardeners because it is easy to grow in raised beds and out in a traditional vegetable garden that gets full sun.

Photos of Recipe Construction

Below are a few of the photos I took with my iPhone while preparing the Quinoa & Beans Stuffed Peppers recipe.  I wish you could smell the kitchen when the fresh vegetables are being sauteed and then baked in this recipe.

Stir in the Tomatoes
Beans and tomatoes added to the onion saute mix.

Poblano Peppers ready to be stuffed after seeds are removed

Poblano Stuffed

With all the nutrients value and how easy it is to grow peppers I hope you will consider adding them to your home garden in years to come.  In the meantime, you can find many different varieties of peppers at local grocery stores including the anaheim pepper to use in this recipe.

Stuffed Peppers Coming out of the Toaster Oven

Instead of turning on the big oven to bake these dish I used my Kitchen-aid toaster oven which you can purchase on Amazon.  You could also use a Power Oven Air Fryer which is something I love to do as well.

Assortment of Peppers

As I shared above I’ve been growing this pepper variety since we moved out to the country in 2003. I can’t imagine not having a few of these pepper plants to enjoy each summer. Not a year has gone by that we didn’t harvest a few dozen to enjoy.

Quinoa & Bean Stuffed Anaheim Peppers Recipe

Poblano Stuffed

Peppers are always my ‘superheroes’ in the garden as the growing season outdoors comes to an end.  Enjoy this healthy spin on a stuff pepper classic recipe using ancient grains and home grown produce. 

Let’s Connect

I’d love to share my experience with you so be sure to connect with me on social media or leave a comment on this post.  Do you grow your own peppers or just enjoy eating them?

Happy Gardening,


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  1. Looking at the photos, it really looks like the recipe was made with poblano peppers and not Anaheim. Is that the case? I have a ton of Anaheim peppers that I am looking for and was really intrigued by your recipe but just want to make sure that it is for Anaheim peppers! Thanks

    1. I am so embarrassed – you are right! Pictured in the recipe share are my poblano peppers. I went back and edited my post to correct myself. You can easily use an Anaheim for this recipe if you like more of a milder pepper. The Poblano has a spicy bite to it if you ask me. Thank you for connecting with me on my post today.

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