In this post I share how easy it is to grow lettuce in your home garden.  I hope you will check out the photos below and share a comment on this post.

Lettuce Harvest

Late spring in the raised bed garden is an amazing time of transition.  The harvest is bountiful with young kale, radishes, onions, peas, and many different lettuces.  I’m starting to think Summer as the heat starts to warm things up and the raised beds are being mulched with straw to help keep roots cool in the veggie garden.  There will be many lettuces that I will let go to seed but a few I keep growing in the raised beds that get only morning sun.  I just can’t imaging my garden without lettuce.

With clean hands I gentle break the outer leaves from the plant being careful not to damage the roots. Above is a photo of napa cabbage I enjoy using in salads just like lettuce.  You can also use the lettuce as wraps in meals.

Take the harvest indoors immediately and rinse each individual leave.

Be sure to keep an eye on the center of the lettuce plant preventing it from bolting.   The bolting center will bring beautiful flowers and seeds that the pollinators like so I usually let them bolt by the time summer arrives on June 21. Many varieties of lettuce will begin to taste bitter as the heat kicks in late in the season. Bolting lettuce in the garden isn’t pretty! 

Growing Lettuce In The Garden is Easy

lettuce garden

These rectangle shaped terra cotta containers are my favorite to grow in.  I found them at a home closing sale almost 20 years ago.  When I first brought them home I never imagined I’d be growing lettuce in them someday.  Keep an open mind … you can grow lettuce in almost anything.

Keep it Natural in the Lettuce Garden

washing the lettuce from the garden

Watering from the well …. always fresh water is a must for my veggies.  There are many reasons to keep it natural in the lettuce garden – when growing veggies but my #1 is for my pets that enjoy it from time to time.

Let’s Connect

Thanks for checking out my site today.  I hope you will leave a comment below.  Let me know if you grow lettuce or other Springtime cool crops.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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