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Spring Hellebore Blooms

Hellebore in My Early Spring Garden

This post is to showcase the beautiful Hellebore ( “Christmas rose” and “Lenten rose”) plants that grow in my shade garden.  In this post you’ll find images and a short video featuring this dreamy spring garden. Hellebore Sleet Video Outside enjoying the beautiful blooms of the hellebore on the first day of April as it

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Sunflower From 2021


On this page you will find my Gallery of unique images from day to day living.  Be sure to scroll through and get the details on each post.  Click on each image for details! Hellebore in Spring 2023 Sunflower From 2021 Dark Leafed Sunshine Dahlia nasturtium flowers daylily hemerocallis landscape off front porch Pomegranate Bloom

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Pets and Bulbs

Dutch Grown Bulb Order Review

Wait until you see what my Dutch Grown Bulb order looks like!  In the video below I share what that experience is like and a photo review.  If you would like to ask questions about growing bulbs please scroll down and comment on this post.  You’ll have to scroll down to see why I gave

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Bren's Dirt Dessert Recipe

Dirt Dessert Recipe

In todays post I share a quick video and images featuring a fun little creative dessert you have got to try! This is my Dirt Dessert Recipe that is super fun to whip together with kids involved.   See video and images below. Dirt Dessert Recipe Video Ready set… Camera running!  I put together is super

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Make Your Own Dried Hydrangea Arrangement

In this post, I share a quick video featuring tips on how to make your own dried hydrangea arrangement.  Be sure to scroll down to check out the video and ask questions section on this post. Make Your Own Dried Hydrangea Arrangement This is a quick video featuring how easy it is to create your

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Harvesting Rhubarb

How to Grow and Harvest Rhubarb

It just isn’t Spring or Summer until we’ve baked a yummy pie filled with Grandmas Rhubarb.  In today’s post, I share how to grow and harvest Rhubarb. How to Grow and Harvest Rhubarb My husband started growing his own rhubarb in 2015 when he brought home a nice 1/2 gallon size plant from his Moms

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costco tulips indoors

Everything You Need To Know about Healthy Tulips Indoors

Is there anything that shouts Spring like fresh tulips? In this post, I will share how to enjoy fresh tulips indoors. Tulips Indoors The above photo features those beautiful Parrot Tulips I found at Costco.  I’ve also seen these at Sams Club and Kroger Floral department if you are interested.  Check out my post featuring

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puppy on RV flooring | Luxury Vinyl Flooring VS Other Types of Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring VS Other Types of Flooring | Bren Haas

Remodeling and or new construction is one of my favorite things about being a home owner.  In this article I will share a luxury vinyl floor vs other types of flooring. The flooring of any home or business establishment is one feature that you should not neglect when building or remodeling. You must choose the

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Olivia The Aussie

The Australian Shepherd Olivia Who Makes Us Happy

It is hard to believe I had my mindset on getting a Labrador when we first moved to the country and had space for a dog.  Thankful my sister-in-law brought over Olivia’s pup who needed a home.  She has made us all happy for the past 13 years. She is The Australian Shepherd Olivia Who

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my instagram at Bren Haas

Let’s Connect on Instagram | Bren Haas

Hey Guys – Let’s Connect on Instagram. Welcome to my Instagram Feed here on my website.  I’m excited to connect with you so be sure to hit the FOLLOW button or click over and subscribe to my newsletter for the latest. In this post, you will see updates from Bren Haas Instagram. Let’s Connect on

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