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Midwest Winter Wonderland

winter wonderland pond and trees
My Midwest Winter Wonderland

In this post, I share the winter wonderland in April. What a surprise to wake up to a beautiful white garden. Come see what hides under the Geodesic Bio Dome safe from the weather.

Midwest Winter Wonderland In April

Can you imagine waking up to a snow-covered Spring garden?  This happen to us in the Midwest in early April.  Coincidently, My father told us about how it could snow in April when we were kids growing up. I never believed him before this happen to me! Now I can share my midwest winter wonderland in April with everyone.  As the tulips were peeking up and the daffodils were in full bloom can you believe this happen?  The images and video in this post will shock you.

Dome Winter Months
Winter Crop Garden Under Cover
Geraniums Blooming
Harvesting Greens

Garden in the Geodesic Bio Dome Safe From Snow and Freeze.

Winter Wonderland in April Video

This is a video I put together walking out to the geodesic bio dome garden. Having the garden dome makes the snow feel like a dream.  Normally, I would be upset that fresh heavy snow was covering my tulips. In this video, you’ll see my geodesic dome in the Midwest Winter Wonderland In April.

Winter Wonderland in April video can be found on my Bren Haas YouTube Channel. 

Winter Wonderland Photo Collection

Most Importantly, the snow in April is it is gone quickly and I get some amazing blue skies fresh images.  I hope you will click through my images below of the winter wonderland in April.

After checking out these images of the winter wonderland what do you think about snow in April? Be sure to comment…

Recent Post About The Dome Greenhouse

I’d love to share more about my dome greenhouse year-round growing experience with you.  Check out a few of my latest post about the DOME LIFE below!

I got my BEST photo of the dome greenhouse in a winter scene today! 

Let’s Connect

I really believe this will be the year to remember ….. take lots of photos to share with the generations to come so you can talk about the year we got 5 ” of snow in April!  Please be sure to comment on my post.  You can also find me on social media @brenhaas.   I can’t wait to hear from you about my Winter Wonderland in April.

Happy Spring,


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    1. THank you! I look forward to sharing a detailed growing season in the dome this Autumn and WInter so stay tuned. You can find details on my site at: Growing Year-Round

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