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Ammo Can Rocket Stove

Ammo Can Rocket Stove on Winters Day

What to do when the weather finally goes above single digits… make a campfire of course.  In this post I share a video and some images of this really unique Ammo Can Rocket Stove.   The stove is perfect for keeping warm and making a quick meal.  The post is just for fun – I am not selling the product

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Buddy walking The Snow Trail

Winter Heating in the Dome Greenhouse

In this post I share some tips on heating a geodesic bio dome greenhouse.  Find a video featuring ‘ the calm before the storm’ and heating tips.   Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to leave feedback and ask questions. The Calm Before The Storm Video As you will be able

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water lettuce in my late summer pond

Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes ) in The Winter Dome

In this post I share a few things about the water lettuce (or pistia stratiotes).  Check out how I am trying to winter over this plant that is on the invasive list in most states. Water Lettuce in the Winter Dome The first few years I had this plant in the dome past Autumn it

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Practical Winter Cut Flower Arrangements

Practical Winter Cut Flower Arrangement Tips

Happy New Year – Picked this beautiful boutique of cut flowers up locally to enjoy indoors in the New Year. In this post I share tips on how to keep cut flowers looking their best for the new year. https://youtu.be/J9PE6QFEVNM Find this video and others on my Bren Haas YouTube Channel. Cut Flower Tips Below

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Dome Garden Warm Up

Dome Greenhouse Update on February Winter Warm Up

In this post, I share a few images and video clips featuring the dome greenhouse.  You will see a video with sights and sounds around the dome garden.  I also want to feature a video clip from my pond today. with exciting plants growing all winter long. Dome Greenhouse Winter Warm-Up Video A winter storm

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Single Piece of Tissue Paper

Tillandsias Air Plants Winter UNBOXING Review

In this post, I share Tillandsias Air Plants Winter UNBOXING Review. Check out the surprising video and images in this post. I am a huge fan of tropicals due to the fact that I can always take the plant out to my dome greenhouse.   The 3D print ‘DUDE’ is my inspiration for pricing the order

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red rainbow bright after frost

Growing Rainbow Swiss Chard In The Winter Dome

In this post, I share my all-season Rainbow Swiss Chard plants growing in my home garden.  Check out the quick video and a few creative images from Autumn – Winter. All Season Rainbow Swiss Chard Why do I call the rainbow swiss chard an all-season plant? In my hardiness zone 5b /6 Ohio the plant

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mud boots raised bed dome winter

Winter Dome Update after The Trenching in Autumn

In this post, I will share a video and photos documenting how trenching is working around my dome. Be sure to check out the video and images featured on this page. Winter Dome Update After Trenching Video In the video featured on this page, I share an update on how the dome is performing during

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Ember and Golden Conifer Winter Interests in Landscape

In today’s post, I feature Ember and Golden Conifer Winter Interests in Landscape.  A video blog with a garden walk about the landscape and growing tips featuring these conifers Bren recommends. Ember and Golden Conifer Winter Interests in Landscape In today’s video, my little garden helpers and I take a walk around my house to

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Garden Center Visit - Indoor Plants

Indoor Winter Color with The Kalanchoe Plant

Late Winter for people who live in the north means grey skies and lots of snow.  It can be hard to find a colorful reminder that Spring is just around the corner.  In this post, I share the Kalanchoe – A plant that will add color to your winter day. At The Garden Center On

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Goldfish or Koi

Introducing the NEW Goldfish to the Winter Koi Pond

In today’s post, I share my latest video featuring the new fish I added to my small greenhouse pond.  Check out the video featuring how to Acclimate the new fish to your pond.  The video also shows how to tell a Koi from a Goldfish. Introducing The New Fish In the small pond I have in

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