To kick off the Autumn season you will want to head on over to the Luckey Fall Festival in Luckey Ohio.  In this post, I share a few photos from the event and detailed information about how to join in.

Family Hometown Fun at Luckey Fall Festival

Autumn in Luckey Ohio

This time of year in my community is all about harvesting, food, family, and Autumn which never go out of style in Northwest Ohio.  In today’s post, I share a few photos and information about the Lucky Ohio Fall Festival.

One such event that has been a community tradition is the annual Luckey Fall Festival in a neighboring community. The event includes 3 days of the flea market, local vendors at creative booths selling seasonable items like mums and Halloween decor.  The community celebrates farm and harvest with their product and display of antique engines. My favorite thing to bring home from the Luckey Fall Festival is the Kettle Corn made at the event by a local vendor.  Coincidently it just happens to be a local popcorn maker! Freebies and other fun products you can purchase often fill my car after these events because I just have to support my local community.  You gotta love these small-town festivals! 

Images From Luckey Farm Festival

Here are a few images from the archive.

More About Luckey Farm Festival

If you are interested in being a vendor, participating in events, or just checking out all the fun be sure to see this information below.

The address of the event is:

Address: 4340-4460 Gilbert Rd, Luckey, OH 43443

Phone: (419) 494-7242

Be sure to check out their official website at https://luckeyfallfestival.com/

More Ohio Events

Below is a list of some other Ohio events and sights to see. 

I almost forgot to share the awesome antique tractors and steam engines on display! 

tractors at the Festival

Let’s Connect

Are you excited to welcome Fall to your home garden?  Maybe you have a local festival you would like to share with me because I’d love to hear about it. You are also invited to leave me a detailed message on my website so others can hear about the event. I look forward to connecting with you soon to hear more about your Autumn Celebrations.  I hope to see you in the neck of the woods sometime soon.

Happy Fall Festival Season,

Bren Haas

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