Luckey Fall Festival

Recently I came across a country singer on youtube who was singing  “What ever happen to Main Street” ? I’d love to invite this artist to my neck of the woods  … you’re sure to find things frozen in time.  This time of year in my community is all about harvesting, food, family and Autumn which never go out of style in Northwest Ohio.

One such event that has been a community tradition is the annual Luckey Fall Festival in a neighboring community. The event includes 3 days of flea market, local vendors at booths selling seasonable items like mums and Halloween decor.  The community celebrates farm and harvest with their product and display of antique engines.

My favorite thing to bring home from the Luckey Fall Festival is the Kettle Corn made at the event by local vendor.

luckey Fall Festival
Locally made kettle corn …. super yummy!

Harvest Fun on Twitter

This is one of the reason I love Twitter.  This harvest share came from Spain.  In the Google translator it means: Welcome Fall ! reaping and sowing.

Garden Chatter 

garden chatter cover crops Join the conversation on Garden Chatter and share with your friends! This week will be fun… learning all about Cover Crops.  Click on Image to the right to register now!


What are you harvesting this time of year?  Did you attend any cool harvest events this weekend?  I’d love to hear about it so please comment below. 


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