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New Plants From McClelland’s Daylilies

You know summer has arrived when the blooms start arriving on the daylily plants. In this post, I share why I am falling in love with this easy to care for perennial. Readers will be introduced to the new plants I am adding to my Daylily collection featured at New Plants From McClelland’s Daylilies During the Flag City Daylily Tour.

Flag City Daylily Tour | New Plants from McClelland’s Daylilies

In this short video blog featuring me – I share my experience on a Daylily Tour.  I brought home 2 new perennial daylilies that I show what I am doing with mine until I figure out where to plant them permanently.  After touring the home gardens and farm I want to be a daylily farmer!   Please be sure to watch the video to the end so you can see how Olivers corn is doing! 

This video is part of a series on Bren Haas Channel.  Flag City Daylily Tour is the playlist to see more.

New Plants

I am so excited to bring home these two new varieties to my collection of daylilies.  In the video, I shared how I cut back the ‘fans’ and prepare the plants to be added to my garden.

Creature of the Night Daylily

Creature of the Night (Reed 1999)

Green Infurno | Spider Variety of DaylilyGreen Inferno (Gossard 2006)

Shout Out

Daylilies at McClellands Farm

McClelland’s is located in NW Ohio and a must-visit place for anyone thinking about adding a super easy perennial to their home garden.  Be sure to add them to your summer destination for next weekend!

?Be sure to check out my review on Google Maps and add your own shout out to this location.

Interested in finding out more about daylilies I recommend checking out the American Hemerocallis Society and the American daylily society.   Details about the Flag City Daylily Tour that takes place in Northwest Ohio Findlay area can be found on their website at https://daylilies.org/event/flag-city-daylily-tour/  

Let’s Connect

I am totally on a Daylily kick these days.  Tell me about your daylilies and what you think about them.  Share a comment below and visit my contact page to send me a private email.

Happy Daylily Gardening,

Bren Haas

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  1. Oh Bren, you make my heart happy to see you excited about your daylily discovery. So glad you had fun along with your husband. My husband helper in the garden liked seeing the unique garden art, trash to treasure art, that some gardeners do. Garden art is a whole other topic. Great great great, sharing video with a favorite flower of mine.

    1. Thank you for commenting Sally – I appreciate you taking the time to check out my post. Daylilies are a new chapter in my garden adventures and I look forward to sharing more with you soon. THANK YOU for being an inspiration to me!

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