Indoor Winter Color with The Kalanchoe Plant

Kalanchoe ColorsLate Winter for people who live in the north means grey skies and lots of snow.  It can be hard to find a colorful reminder that Spring is just around the corner.  In this post, I share the Kalanchoe – A plant that will add color to your winter day.

At The Garden Center

On Presidents Day I found myself on another road trip heading north. The snow had stopped for the day but it was super cold.  No sign of Spring outside with typical February temperatures.  Great day for a drive in search of some indoor fun!  My family and I planned a fun afternoon at Great Lakes Crossing just north of Detroit Michigan.  Everyone in the vehicle knew that when we get anywhere near Detroit we would end up at Bordine Nursery in Rochester Hills, Michigan. During my visit in 2010 is when I first discovered the Kalanchoe Plant.   Below I share a collection of photos from the garden center.

Owl Surrounded by Primrose

During the garden center, I also spotted some amazing primrose.  I will be doing another post featuring primrose so stay tuned.

Primrose owl

Fun Facts About The Kalanchoe Plant

In this video, I share a few fun facts including how to pronounce KALANCHOE!

The Kalanchoe

kal-un-KOH-ee,” and also notes that the name comes from the Chinese for one of the species. There are over 125 species in this genus, but the one you’re most likely to come across in grocery store florist sections or houseplant nurseries is Kalanchoe blossfeldiana.

Little did I know I would actually own a Kalanchoe of my own.  During the late Autumn shopping season, I bought home a container planting from Costco.  In this container planting a red Kalanchoe, Pine and a type of Fern.   Before the Holidays I kept the container planting in the coolest location in my home during the early Winter season.  The wrapper around the container creates a type of greenhouse effect so I kept it on.  When it was time to use it out in the living room to decorate for Christmas I took the plastic off.  I use this same method with my poinsettias during the holidays as well.

Kalanchoe I found at Costco 2018

The Kalanchoe I own is out in the dome with the evergreen for the winter. The cooler temperatures and wet climate during the winter killed the fern that was in the container.  I will share more about the evergreen when I plant it outside with my pup this summer.  I may try to get another Kalanchoe now that I know it will do well in a south-facing window with well-drained soil during the winter months.

Tips To Keep The Kalanchoe Happy Indoors

The Kalanchoe plant does best in well-drained soil. It doesn’t like to get its feet wet! This is why the plant was doing so well in my dome – I had put the plant out of the container and into a dry cactus soil mix. This plant is part of the cactus family so it will want sunshine.  Be sure to place the plant in a south-facing winter or under LED grow lights to ensure the blooms keep on coming.  Be sure the plant is kept cozy in a location in your home where it is above 50*F.  When I had the plant in under plastic waiting to be displayed the blooms held but the buds didn’t open for 2 weeks until I had it out in the light.

Wait till you see the Kalanchoe in a winter greenhouse!



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This is a cutting from one of my plants that I added to a container in the landscape.

Tucked Under The Roses

Let’s Connect

I hope these images brought some color to this very white winter where ever you may be. You can sure bet the first Kalanchoe I see on my next garden center or flower shop visit I’ll be bringing one home for indoors.  I’d love to connect with you so be sure to visit my contact page and leave me a message.  Social media is one of my favorite places to hang out when I am not in the garden.  You can find me engaging at @brenhaas on leading networks.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

This is a ‘redo’ of a post I created in 2010.  

2 thoughts on “Indoor Winter Color with The Kalanchoe Plant”

    • Hello Carole – thank you for leaving a comment. I did have success with my Kalanchoe reblooming from last year. I will try and add a video and some images on this topic. I will tell you I got mine to rebloom by placing the plant in a cool LOW LIGHT location for a few months. As temperatures heat back up and the sun is added the plant bolted blooms! You might like this information about cuttings in containers featuring this plant:


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