Grandpa’s Old Farmall A

I first saw that old red tractor when I was dating my hubby.  The crank used to start the engine was what caught my attention. At that time I had been raised most of my life in the city so I really didn’t understand the necessity of having a tractor of substantial size when you live on 5 acres or more. I remember thinking it was pretty cool that this vehicle was in a sense a part of the family holding many memories with each crank to get it started.

Grandpa’s Old Farmall A

It’s not like me to share photos of an old piece of farm equipment on my network but oddly enough it is a part of me because it means so much to my best friend who got ‘her’ running again.  This old tractor sits in our barn here in Ohio and will most likely only be used for fun rides around the yard or may be taken up to the Five Point Thrasher event that takes place every year to be shared with the rest of the community.  It’s an oldie but a goodie and I hope you all enjoyed this share today.

IN Conclusion

YOU KNOW I shared those images of that rusty ol’ tractor on Instagram.   I’d love to hear from you so please leave me any questions or comments on this blog post today.

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