Farmall A

One of the coolest things about living in the country is having property large enough for a tractor.  In this post, I share Grandpa Haas’ Old Farmall A and our family traditions.

Grandpa’s Old Farmall A

The photos below are from our family archive.  They feature the old Farmall A at the Haas Home and Garden back in the day.

farmall A at Haas Home
Large Home Garden

I first saw that old red tractor when Andy and I were dating. The crank used to start the engine was what caught my attention. At that time I had been raised most of my life in the city so I really didn’t understand the necessity of having a tractor of substantial size when you live on 5 acres or more. I remember thinking it was pretty cool that this vehicle was in a sense a part of the family holding many memories with each crank to get it started.  I never dreamed that someday we would give that old tractor a home to continue family traditions.

Old Photo of Dining Room

After Grandpa passed and Grandma sold the property the tractor sat out in the weather for a few years until one day I sold my oak dinette set for the tractor!  I think that was the best swap we’ve ever made because we’ve learn so much getting the tractor to run almost as good as new again.  It is priceless listening to laughter from the young ones who visit and go for a ride on the old Farmall A.   Sorry the photo is so bad but back then we had one of the first digital cameras (2002).  The image was saved on a floppy disk.  I need to write a blog post about that camera!

On The Farmall A with Uncle Andy

The video below is from my old gardening channel.  I need to do a redo of this video for sure.  You’ll see the crank on the front to start the tractor.  It has an electric start to but wasn’t working at the time the video was taken.

Notice the BGgarden .com logo on the video here?  This video was created on my old blog before rebranding to BrenHaas.com .  I share more about BGgarden on this post.

Farmall A
From an Instagram Post of Mine
Lily on a Tractor Ride with Uncle Andy

I can’t believe in the past I’d hesitate to share farm equipment on my social network even though it is a huge part of our lives.  It is important to celebrate things in our life like the old tractor.  Not to mention, my best friend (Andy)  got ‘her’ running again and out of the weather.  This old tractor comfy home is in our barn here in Ohio.  When younger family and friends come over they love rides on the old tractor.  On occasion we’ve taken it to the Five Point Thrasher event that takes place every year.


It’s an oldie but a goodie and I hope you all enjoyed this share today.

Let’s Connect

YOU KNOW I shared those images of that rusty old tractor on Instagram.   I’d love to hear from you so please leave me any questions or comments on this blog post today.  DO you all have a tractor or just enjoy reading about them?

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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