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Instagram BrenWelcome to my Instagram Feed here on my website.  I’m excited to connect with you so be sure to hit the FOLLOW button or click over and subscribe to my newsletter for the latest. In this post you will see updates from Bren Haas instagram.

Let’s Connect on Instagram

Below you will find the latest photography shares from Bren Haas. On this page you will see the latest happening in my world. I share recipes, gardening, travel, DIY, pets and more creative adventures.  Clicking on the image will bring up a slide show.  Move the mouse down to connect on Instagram to check out the Instagram account off of my website.  Over there you can subscribe or follow my shares.  Let’s connect by liking and commenting.  Live Streams daily on the instagram feed from the NW Ohio geodesic bio dome.  I also share live from creative locations I travel to so be sure to stay tune.

Instagram has been one of my favorite places to share since 2012. Instagram arrived on mobile devices in April of 2012.  Below is one of my first shares from my iphone to instagram.

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Let’s Connect,

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