Join Me For A Silly Flashlight Garden Tour

Flashlight in Garden NightIn this post, I get a little silly and take you all for a walk in my evening garden.  Join me for a Flashlight Garden Tour.

Flashlight Garden Tour V-log

This is totally different – random is normal for me but this was way out there!  I even do a ‘scary monster’ flashlight laugh.  Be sure to watch the video to the end to see it.  (laughing out loud right now).

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Can you believe how cool my critters are joining me on this walkabout in the garden at night?  I am really bummed there weren’t any deer out front.


In the video on this page, I am using the Fenix Flashlight.  I LOVE IT... you can see in the video how well it lights up the landscape.  I hope you will consider getting one for yourself.  Check out my Amazon link here to purchase yours. https://amzn.to/2vW6A4R

I know this isn’t the best review but I think the video shows all.  You know you can reach out to me with questions.

fenix flashlight lighting up over 100 feet from backdoor

Sorry… not many images were taken at night last night.  I hope to do another video heading out to the dome using my Fenix flashlight in the weeks to come so stay tuned.

What I love about the Fenix Flashlight in this post:

  • lightweight
  • powerful lighting up well over 100 feet like it is daylight!
  • Easy to charge
  • Long-lasting battery

During the Daylight Savings Time

I need to get up earlier to get more done with daylight outside but I’ve been staying up late to watch tv and movies with my husband and Oliver.   During the day we got the huge row of LimeLight pruned back over 3 feet.  This shrub will double by mid-summer – trust me!

Oliver and Me Loading Wood

Oliver is my little buddy indoors and out.  He LOVES going on the golf cart to do chores outside. Today we moved wood to the house wood closet because the forecast is showing temperatures in the low 20’s this weekend.  We heat our home with the wood we split from the woods we own.

window box soil

The photo above shows the window box preparation done today.  I can’t believe we are able to get this ready so early in the season.  It has been a super mild winter indeed.

Floyd and Gretchen Birds Next Door

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Let’s Connect

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Happy Spring Gardening,

Bren Haas

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