First Snow Storm in the Greenhouse Dome

In today’s video, we walk out to the greenhouse/dome to inspect after our first significant amount of snowfall in Northwest Ohio for winter 2018/19. Experience what it is like in the north to walk through the winter snow and end up in a garden paradise filled with all sights, sounds, and scents of Spring.

First Snow Storm in the Greenhouse Dome

The snow was soft and fluffy walking out to the 20′ geodesic biodome.  It’s always a fun adventure walking out to the meadow surrounded by nature.  The trees from the woods protect the path.  The adventure begins when you enter the man-made growing zone.  In this video experience what it is like in a homemade greenhouse.

This video was taken shortly before the polar vortex arrived in northwest Ohio. Little did we know the temperatures were going to turn for the worst.  Find out more about the negative degree temperatures in upcoming videos.  Be sure to follow @brenhaas on social media for updates.

First Snow Storm in the Greenhouse Dome

It’s a brisk and exciting walk out through the 5-6 inches of new snow. It is cold enough to keep fluffy which makes the walk in the meadow a breeze. Don’t miss my pond deck covered with snow and the smart pot raised bed garden. I’ve left it outside to see how it does in the weather. I can’t wait to grow in it again this spring/summer. Once we reach the greenhouse/dome in the back meadow surrounded by woods we do a quick walkabout to make sure everything looks good. I am looking for any signs of structure damage, critter tracks, and any other unusual things. I’ve YET to experience this so fingers crossed!

In the dome, it is filled with plenty of overgrowth that needs pruned and cut back to prepare for the mid-Spring temperatures that will be here soon. The sun is rising with spring only 50 days away bringing temps on the dome up and conditions like my mid-spring outside garden. It is really exciting and comes on super quick.


the images below are from the geodesic biodome after the first heavy snowfall in Northwest Ohio. Complete collection on my Flickr Pro Account.

rose and parsley harvest from the dome
Yellow Rose from January Harvest in the Dome
First Snow Storm in the Greenhouse Dome
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