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Easy Indoor Seed Starting Tips

Early spring is the perfect time to get a head start on summer gardening by starting seeds indoors. In this post I share my easy seed starting tips with photos and even a video. For the past six years I’ve been starting peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant successfully indoors and transplanting the starter plant in the garden after May 20th.

Easy Seed Starting Indoor Tips on Youtube.com

In this video I share a few tips on planting indoors that I hope will help you be successful in your growing seed experience.  I started my tomatoes, peppers and eggplants in this post featured video.  I can’t wait to share with you some of the new varieties.

This video was originally created in 2012 / edit 2022. More videos on my website on Bren Haas Channel.

Use recycled containers that have been cleaned from your garden center visits the year before.  One of my favorites is to use plastic salad containers and rotisserie chicken containers. Both of these items make little ‘greenhouse’ like structures to house the seeds.

seed starting containers

Try being creative and use toilet paper rolls and / or paper towel rolls as containers for planting.  I will be honest that the toilet paper rolls got really soft so be sure to start a fast-growing seed.  You could start sunflowers and zinnias.

trays for seed starting

Meat trays or salad trays that have been recycled and cleaned can make great containers to hold the potted seeds.

Important Tips For Starting Seeds Indoors

Below are a few of my top tips for starting seeds indoors.  Be sure to comment on my post so I know what works for you.

  • Always use healthy seed starting soil.  Today I’m using Pro-Mix Seed Starting Mix.
  • Be sure to clearly mark your trays so you know what you have growing in each.
  • Tomato plants all look the same until they start producing fruit!
  • Keep all starter plants out of direct sunlight until they are least 4 inches tall in containers.
  • Don’t overwater – the containers need to be lightly watered so that the soil isn’t completely dry.


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I hope these tips help you with your growing seed experience.  Be sure to leave me a comment if you have any questions because I’m happy to help you grow!

Happy Seed Starting,

Bren Haas

5 Responses

  1. Tomato plants will not develop fruit once the night time temps start hitting 90+.
    Tie these canes at the top, and place a blanket over it.
    Temperature: The optimal temperature range one needs to observe for any
    plant falls in 70F-75F.

  2. Bren, this is a very helpful video! Thanks so much for visiting my site so that I could find you. I will definitely be back. I wish that we were neighbors, so that we could go grab a coffee and talk gardening! -Stephanie

    1. Stephanie – thank you for the sweet comment. Coffee and garden-chatting is the best! ✿ Bren

  3. I’m so eager to start my seeds for this year but am late on ordering my seeds (waiting for family members to get their lists ready). Thanks for the tips.

    Thanks, also, for visiting my blog and liking my post about how to make a homemade bird house from a flower pot. I look forward to searching through your site some more. There’s a lot of information here! 🙂

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