Catch The Wave This Spring : Add Trailing Pansies

Wave-PansyA flower that says SPRING can only mean we are talking about the pansy.  In today’s post, I share catch the wave this spring add trailing pansies to your home and garden.

Spring or Autumn

Spring is not only known for cheerful daffodils blooming and colorful tulips dancing in the landscape thanks to a revolution happening in the garden scene. This is the season to enjoy pansies appearing in the garden landscape after a long winters nap.

I’m noticing as I shop the garden centers this spring a trend of new gardeners filling their carts with spring blooms like the dainty little pansies.  With the variety of colors available this year it’s hard not to grab a six-pack of these once known as old fashion flowers.  Pan American Seed is making the pansy hip to plant with it’s new trailing characteristics.

This pansy promises to be more vigorous than any other spreading pansy.  The most prostrate habit of any spreading pansy – a great spiller in combos and a fast-growing, high-impact ground cover. Easy-care, all-season color – blooms hold up in rain and other inclement weather. What I loved most about the new variety is how hardy it really was. I was able to grow this trailing pansy from spring till late autumn.

Planting Pansies During Snow Day

In the video below I share the pansies I started from seed and now transplanting in the geodesic bio dome.

This video is found on YouTube at: Snow Day In March on my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.

Window Box Ideas

In this video Pansies take the center stage in my Autumn window boxes.

Find this video on YouTube at : Window Box Ideas. 

Let’s Connect

I’d love to hear if you plant wave pansies in your garden for spring or autumn.  Share by commenting below or reaching out to me on Social media.
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