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Dome Greenhouse Plastic Update

In this post I share a quick video and more from my dome greenhouse plastic update.  You will see a video and images featuring tips on growing productively out of season. BONUS.. 2 awesome vlogs in this post.

Dome Greenhouse Plastic Update

On YouTube I titled the video ‘2 snakes in the tea tree’ because that is what gets attention.  Not sure I should have focus so heavy on that but its TRUE!  There are 2 large snakes in my dome greenhouse and in this video you will see them.

Play Video about Buttoned UP for the Winter Video

This video is part of my Bren Haas Channel feature on YouTube and other networks.   If you have issues viewing this please be sure to reach out to me on my website.

Play Video about Youtube clip

NOTE: The video above featuring the snakes were just as we were redoing the inside plastic for winter. 

About The Plastic on Dome Greenhouse

Over the past 2 winters we’ve learned so much about keeping this space cozy for the plants grown out of season.  There are many different types of plastics on the market today.  In the video feature I talk about the plastic wrap we used the year before.  This plastic totally broke apart by middle summer the following season.  This year we are using a ‘house wrap’ that you can find locally for a great price or on Amazon.  Follow my website under the dome category for updates on how this plastic works for the interior.   Of course I want to note that I do not recommend using any of these plastics on the outside of the structure if growing in Ohio during the winter.   I am still a fan of the bubble wrap or Solawrap plastic on the outside.  You can also use a greenhouse quality plastic for outside the structure.

Wood Frame of Dome
The 'bubble wrap' cover is pretty cool looking and really does the job!

About the Dome Greenhouse

Dome all Buttoned Up for Winter

Below are a few of my LATEST post featuring my 20 foot geodesic bio dome.  This is truly the Taj Ma Hal of greenhouses!

Highlights of Plastic on Dome Greenhouse

What did you think of the snakes in the tea tree.  I LOVE having my very own tea tree in my Ohio garden.  It is so much fun to have something as unique as this tree on my property.  Of course the tree wouldn’t survive outside in my hardiness zone so the greenhouse is super important to stay above freezing so I don’t lose it.

Stay Tuned… I am sure this will not be the last inside wrap we use!

Snake in Tea Tree | Dome Update
See the 2 snakes!

Let’s Connect

I want to personally thank you for stopping by my website today.  This is going to be yet another fantastic growing season that I hope you follow along with.  Be sure to subscribe to my Email Newsletter to find out more.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

2 Responses

  1. Hi, I’m living in Sweden and just made a wooden frame for an 11m large 4v geodesic dome greenhouse/orchard one my existing sweet cherry trees and I’m busy to install SolaWrap cover by cutting every individual triangle and stapling over the struts. I have however planning to enforce the plastic by overlapping and using ½” by 1″ strips of wood over the overlappings.
    I would like to ask about your experience over the technical details of the covering. Did you experience any leaks after the cover was fit in? I’ve read that one should use silicone over the staples, but how about the screws piercing through the plastic? I’m unfortunately on quite unexplored field and would be grateful for every little drop of advice.

    1. Great to connect with you Laszlo. I am happy to hear you are completing a dome for your garden. This week I hope to post an update on the dome here on my website. I will send you an email using the one you used to reply on this blog post so watch for it! I’ve got alot to share ab out the SolaWrap and attaching to the wood frame – it has been an extremely exciting year in the dome greenhouse! STAY TUNED!
      Greenhouse Dome in July 2022

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