How to Report a Twitter Account

Reporting an Account on Twitter Update

In this video, I share with you how to report a Twitter account.   The video in this post takes you step by step on this important action. Scroll below the video how-to for details in images.

How to Report A Twitter Account

I’ve been wanting to make a detailed guide on how to navigate around popular networks with ease.  In today’s video, this action will help you better enjoy the social media giant Twitter.  Let’s face it.. we all have haters.  However, you don’t want to let the account know you have taken action against them.  In this post, you will see how to go about reporting properly.  See video below:

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Step By Step Report Options

Keep in mind this content may change at short notice so be sure to comment on my post and let me know what you think or if you have difficulties.  Below is a step by step tutorial on how to report an account on Twitter.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter to show your support.

Step 1: Sign in to your Twitter account.

Step 2: On the content shared by the account you want to report you will find 3 dots in the right-hand corner. Click on that for options…. Be careful not to block before reporting.

dots at top right of the account

Step 3: After selecting to REPORT the account you will get options to better help Twitter with the correct actions to take. IT is vital that you pick the option that applies. In this case, the account is SPAM.

spam pick

Step 4: After clicking on Spam I will pick the account tweeting this is fake – because I know this is a duplicate account.

report content appropriately

Step 5: Before finishing up this report you will be given the options to BLOCK or MUTE Personally, I like to select MUTE because I will be able to see if the account mentions my account. When you report an account THEY DO NOT get notifications of this action. 

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